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Cut Auto Repair Cost, Avoid Car Breakdown

Avoiding car breakdown is one way to cut auto repair cost by cutting down your visits on auto repair shop because of breakdown car. When car breakdown is avoided it will not only ensure a long and trouble free driving but also saves you time and repair cost.

How to avoid car breakdown

Car breakdown can be avoided by maintaining your car, preventive maintenance is necessary not only to avoid breakdown car but also to make the car operate properly. Whether the car is brand new or used one, you can extend the car life and minimize the visits on auto repair shop, but only if you do not neglect simple car maintenance and following it properly.

Few tips to avoid car breakdown and cut auto repair cost

1) Perform the common services in routine interval such as oil change, tune-up, and lube job. This can avoid unnecessary wear on the car engine key components that which can result to car breakdown.

2) Too much engine heat can cause car breakdown. Engine cooling system must be check once a month so as to function properly and keep the engine from overheating. Do an inspection job on the radiator fluid level, crack radiator hoses, clearing radiator debris that blocks the flow of air on the front radiator.

3) Once a month check all the belts for cracks, have them replace if it looks worn out, because if any belt is breaks then your car break down and you will become stranded on the road.

4) Every 50,000 miles, replace the timing belt. This is critical to car maintenance because if the timing belt breaks it will ruin the engine.

5) For car with automatic transmission, checking of transmission fluid is required every 12,000 miles.

6) Once every month inspect the car brake fluid, if is low then there is probably leak on the system.

7) Tire pressure must be checked monthly, use tire pressure gauge to have an accurate reading.

Above are just few of the car maintenance, there is a lot of car maintenance to avoid car breakdown in which if you neglect will result in your car breaking down and ripped your pocket due to high cost of auto repair.