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10 Ways to Prevent Car Breakdown

Car breakdown cause you more troubles especially when it happens unexpectedly, but this things can be avoided if you have the knowledge on how to prevent car breakdown?.

Preventing the breaking down of car is not only the job for the mechanic but rather as a car owner you are also responsible for ensuring that the car you own are properly maintained to saves you trouble that may arise when your car breakdown.

The following routine activities that will guide you on what to inspect to prevent this breaking down of your car to happen.

1) A very important routine activity to consider in avoiding car breakdown is by performing the common services such as oil change, lube job and engine tune up.Never neglect this routine maintenance because this is the number one cause of car breakdown.

2) Check the brake fluid monthly, for sufficient amount and conditions. If you continue to use an insufficient amount or dirty brake fluid due to non replacement for long period of time, can cause the brake to loose braking effectiveness.

3) Check all the belts monthly for looseness, worn or cracks. If you found the belt to be in bad condition, replace the belt at once to avoid breakage, using a loose or worn belts can cause breakage, thus may result to engine overheating or the battery to become dead.

4) Replace the timing belts every 50,000 miles, whether the belt is damage or not because if the timing belt fails, this can lead to engine damage which entails a more costly repair.

5) Check your car for worn out tires, replace the tire if it reach the tire wear indicator limit, also weekly check the tire inflation pressure to ensure that it has sufficient amount of air. If you drive your car with an insufficient amount of air on the tire, this can lead to car sliding or even tire blowout that may result to an accident.

6) Every two months inspect and clean your car battery terminals, if there is presences of cruddy like substance on the battery terminals, clean this using wire brush and rinse with soap and water. Also inspect the battery for sufficient amount of battery fluid add amount distilled water if necessary, if you continue to use the battery with an insufficient amount of fluid, this can lead to battery drainage, overheating or even exploding.

7) Check the air filter, replace the air filter element if it becomes clogged with dust and dirt, if the air filter becomes clogged sufficient amount of air will not reach the engine that may result to reduction of engine power and poor gas mileage, check out why do we need to replace air filter to know the frequency of replacing air filter.

8) Every two months check the power steering fluid for sufficient amount. If the power steering is insufficient this means that the power steering system has leak and this need to be inspected. Driving with insufficient amount of power steering fluid can lead to accident when driving at high speeds.

9) If your car consists of automatic transmission, checked the transmission fluids every 12000 miles. You can tell if the transmission operates at extremely high temperature if the color of the transmission fluids smells like burnt and is colored black or brown.

10) If you have just purchased your car, break in is necessary to reduced the engine and transmission wear to maximized the life of your car.

Following the car manufacturers recommended maintenance indicated on your car owner’s manual is the first step of preventing car breakdown, routine inspection and adjustments is necessary to operate your car safe and reliable, when you notice something unusual during the operation of the car, have it check at once, do not wait until the car breakdown.

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