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Clutch Pedal Vibrates When Depress While Driving

Car Trouble Symptom
While you were driving your car and when pressing the clutch pedal there is a noticeable vibration.

Transmission Troubleshooting
The cause of vibration on clutch pedal when depressed while driving is difficult to determine without the actual inspection of the clutch or transmission assembly. However, we will be basing our diagnosis on the experience which was encountered as the cause of this kind of problems. A vibration that is noticeable on the clutch pedal as it was depressed is usually caused of loose parts. There are three parts that is connected to each other that possibly causing this, the flywheel, pressure plate and the clutch disc. Flywheel is a part that is connected to the engine crankshaft and rotates at the engine is functioning. The pressure plate is another part which presses the clutch disc against the flywheel to allow the transfer of power from the engine into the transmission. If one of these three parts is loose it can cause wobbling on the parts in which became noticeable on the clutch pedal.

Possible Cause of Transmission Problem
Loose parts which is either of the three, the clutch disc, pressure plate or flywheel.

How to Fix Vibration on Clutch Pedal when Depress

Repairing this kind of problem is expensive because it will need an overhauling of the transmission, however you do not have any choice but to bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and have the transmission tear down to identify which of the three is the cause of problem and have it repaired if necessary. Fix this problem at once so that the problem will not get worst and avoid a much higher repair cost.

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