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Blue Smoke Coming Out of Exhaust and Power is Loss

There is a blue smoke coming out of exhaust pipe and the power is weak or loss when driving uphill.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Blue smoke that comes out the exhaust is an indication that the engine is burning oil. Therefore the problem is that, why the engine is burning oil?

Also, the car is less in power when driving on an uphill, with this kind of car problem symptoms that is accompanied by a blue smoke that comes out the exhaust, this only means that the problem involves a bad rings. Rings on the engine prevents the oil from entering into the engine combustion chamber, when the rings are bad oil starts to enter the combustion chamber and burns that is why there is blue smoke that comes out the exhaust, also rings maintains compression on the engine, likewise if the rings is bad this can cause weak compression, compression is important so that the engine can generates power, that is why when the compression is weak engine power is also weak.

Possible Cause of Blue Smoke from Exhaust
Bad rings

How to fix blue smoke coming out of exhaust
Bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop that specialized in engine repair. Ask the mechanic to conduct wet compression test to confirm if the engine has a bad rings. When the problem of bad rings is confirmed, expect a costly repair. However if your car is under warranty then you have nothing to worry about a costly repair, you can also consider an option of replacing with a new engine if it is much cheaper compare to a ring job.

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