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Headlights not working

One of the car headlights is not working.

Troubleshooting car problems of headlights that is not working
If one of your car headlights is not working, usually this is an indication of a burned out headlights bulb. The life of the bulb depends on how long it will be use for hours, but there are some factors that can affect the life of the headlights such as vibration and how often the headlights is use. Usually for a normal use of your car it can take up to six years before you replace the headlights. The headlights may not work if the filament inside the bulb fails if the bulb is overuse it can fail prematurely.

Possible Cause of Faulty Headlight
Burned out headlights bulb

How to Fix Faulty Headlights
The first thing to do is to check the main fuse of the headlights to make sure that it is not busted, you can find the location of the main fuse by looking at the car owners manual. Then inspect the affected headlight wiring for any damage, also check the headlight connector to make sure it is not loose or corroded.

Replace the affected bulb the car owner’s manual has a procedure on how to replace the headlight bulb. When replacing the bulb avoid holding the bulb on the lens, it would be better if you wear protected gloves to avoid contact on the bulb lens. After the installation try to test if the bulb is functioning, if the headlight remains malfunctioning, check the connector for any corrosion.

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