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Car Pulls Heavily to One Side While Driving

While driving the car pulls heavily to one side either to left or to the right.

Troubleshooting car problems of car pulling to one side
When a car pulls heavily to either left or right while you are driving, is an indication of three possible problems, a mismatch front tire pressure, an out of alignment wheels or a dragging front brake.

Start the diagnosis by checking the air pressure on both the front tire, get a tire pressure gauge and check the tire pressure, the tire pressure must be the same as the recommended inflation pressure by the car manufacturer. The recommended inflation pressure can found on the car owners manual or the sticker adhere on the driver side door. The inflation pressure of both the front tire must be the same, if not then this causes car pulling.

If the inflation pressure is the same, the next thing to check is, if one of the car front brakes is dragging.

Drive the car for a minimum period of 15 minutes then park. After parking get out the car and touch the hub of each front wheel, Observe if one hub is hotter than the other, if so then the hotter wheel is the one with dragging brake thus causing the car to pull heavily on one side. However , if there no difference in temperature between the left and right hub wheel then the only remaining possible reason of car pulling is an out of alignment wheel.

Wheel alignment has to do with how straight is the wheel relative to car frame, if the wheel is out of alignment this can cause the car to pull heavily on either left or right.

Possible Cause of Heavy Pulling to One Side
Uneven front tire inflation pressure, front brake dragging, or out of alignment front wheel

How to Fix Car Pulling to One Side
If the problem is uneven front tire inflation pressure, just make sure that the front has the same inflation pressure equal to that of the recommended inflation pressure by the car manufacturer.

If the problem is the front brake dragging, bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to inspect the front brake where the dragging occurs and repair if necessary. Sometimes the cause of brake dragging is just a corroded support bracket and can easily be fixed by just cleaning the support bracket with a wire brush then coat it with a recommended lubricant.

If the problem is an out of alignment front wheel, likewise bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop for alignment to fix the problem and avoid a much worst uneven tire wear.

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