May 05, 2010

Clutch Disc Problem or Loose Engine/Transmission Bolt

Car Trouble Symptom
Your car shakes when the clutch pedal is released while the car is from stop.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Determining the exact cause of this car problem can only be done by a professional mechanic by checking the actual unit. However, we can pinpoint the cause of the problem but only a possibility based on the experience on the workshop, and the possible cause that we identify is either a clutch disc problem or loose engine/transmission bolt that causes the car problem. Engine and transmission is a separate parts joint together by the engine/transmission bolts and keep the two parts to become stable while in operation. When one of the bolts is loose, the tendency is that the transmission vibrates. The vibration that caused by the transmission can be felt, and enough to cause your entire car to shake when the clutch is engage while the car is at stop.

On the other hand, when the clutch disc is faulty it can also cause the car to shakes when the clutch pedal is released. When the pedal is released the clutch disc is pressed against the flywheel to allow the engine power to transfer into the transmission, when the disc is faulty it will create uneven contact with the flywheel and this can cause the vibration between the transmission and the engine, as a result you can felt this vibration on your entire car.

All About Auto Recommendation
In this case, you have no other option but to bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop that specialized in transmission problems. Ask the mechanic to check the clutch/transmission assembly, this kind of job is costly that’s why it is better that the work to be done on your car is covered by a warranty.

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