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Grinding Sound When Shifting to Forward Gears

Grinding sound occurs when shifting into a particular forward gears.

Troubleshooting car problems of grinding sound when shifting
When a grinding sound only occurs on a particular forward gears, usually is an indication of a problem involving the synchronizer of that particular gear. Synchronizer is a device inside a transmission, the purpose of this device is to bring the rotating shafts/gears together at the same speed for smoothly shifting into a one gear. When the synchronizer is faulty, grinding sound can be heard while shifting into gear. Also, an extreme faulty synchronizer can cause an impossible shifting into a particular gear. 

However, when the affected gear is the first gear and the grinding sound only occurs when shifting from a stop position, but not when downshifting, its possible that the problem is too much clutch pedal “free play”. Free play is the distance that a clutch pedal moves before the clutch start to disengage. In a case of grinding sound occurrence, even when the clutch pedal is fully depressed, the clutch is not fully disengaged that is why when there is a grinding sound when shifting into first gear.

Possible Cause of Grinding Sound when Shifting
Problem on synchronizer, Too much pedal "free play" 

How to fix grinding sound when shifting

Find a reputable auto shop specialized in transmission problems and bring your car for inspection. Ask the mechanic to check the first the clutch pedal free play a simple adjustment can fixed the problem. If the problem is not corrected and the mechanic might told you to overhaul the transmission, in this case never agree to transmission tear down, and seek first for a several opinions from a different shops. 

Repairing grinding sound on forward gears can sometimes expensive therefore before agreeing for a repair make sure that the correct problem is identified to avoid paying for a repair job that is not necessary.

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