Jun 13, 2010

Oil Warning Light Came On Steadily

Car trouble symptoms: Oil warning light came on steadily while you were driving your car.

Car problem diagnosis: This kind of problem indicates that there is a lack of oil pressure inside the engine. If the oil pressure is not sufficient the engine will not be lubricated and will freeze up, to make identify the cause of problem check first the car engine oil level.

If the oil level is low then this is the one that causes the oil warning light to come on steadily. However, if the oil level is within the sufficient level then the possible cause of the problem is a bad oil pump or a faulty oil pressure sensor/wiring.

The oil pump is the one that creates oil pressure inside the car engine, the oil pump goes bad the oil pressure inside the engine will drop this drop will trigger the oil warning light to come on. On the other hand if the oil pressure sensor/wiring is faulty it will incorrectly read the oil pressure inside the engine, at times it will read that the oil pressure is low even though in actual it may not. This scenario will send electrical current to the oil light causing the warning light to come on. Also if the wiring that connects the oil pressure and the sensor is faulty or loose, this would cause the oil warning light to come on.

Car diagnostic cause: Low engine oil level, bad fuel pump or faulty oil pressure sensor/wiring.

All about auto zone advice: Check the engine oil level, if the oil level is low refill the engine with the sufficient amount of engine oil. If after checking you found out that the engine oil is enough, then tows the car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to inspect both the oil pump and oil pressure sensor/wiring. When the car encountered this kind of problem it is advisable not to drive the car because if the problem is the oil pressure sensor/wiring or the oil pump, you may cause the engine to freeze up, usually when oil warning light came on steadily this is cause by a low oil pressure and the cause is bad oil pump.