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Car Dashboard Warning Lights

Flashing Brake Light
Flashing brake light is cause by a sensor that goes on when the brake fluid level is low. When the brake light only flashes and not permanently “ON” it means that the fluid level is just slightly low, in this case the brake light flashes especially when the car hits a dip or humps.

Temperature Gauge Reads Hot After Starting Engine
Temperature gauge that read hot after starting is an indication of three possible reasons, lack of coolant, damage radiator hoses.

Battery Warning Light Comes On While Driving
Battery warning light that comes on steadily indicates a serious problem, usually it indicates a problem of broken alternator belt or failed alternator.

Oil Warning Light Came On Steadily
This kind of problem indicates that there is a lack of oil pressure inside the engine. If the oil pressure is not sufficient the engine will not be lubricated and will freeze up, to make identify the cause of problem check first the car engine oil level.

What to do if the Check Engine Light Goes On
Check engine light is a part of the OBD system, stand for On-board Diagnostics. This light indicates that there is a problem on the power train that affects the emission system of your car. Cars this day are controlled by computer, this computer are the one that regulates all most all of your car system for maximum performance such as the air/fuel mixture, as well as the timing.

Turn Signal Light Flashes Abnormally
The turn signal lights have what is called a flasher unit in which when the directional switch is turned on an electrical current will passed thru it into the bulb.

Air Bag Warning Light Always Comes On
When you started your car engine you will notice that the air bag warning light on the instrument panel illuminates.

Engine Oil Warning Light Steadily On While Driving
When your oil light warning light came on steadily it means that there is a lack of oil pressure inside the engine. Do the following for troubleshooting car problems.

Temperature Gauge Reads Hot when Weather is Hot
At any speed your car temperature gauge reads hot when the weather is hot, even when driving at fast the air that hits the radiator is not sufficient to cool the coolant.

Brake Light on Dash Stays On
When a car brake warning light came on steadily while driving, this is an indication of three possible reasons, the first reason is when the parking brake is slightly applied this will cause the brake warning light to go on, try checking if it's really the culprit, fully release the parking brake lever then inspect if the brake warning light turns off.

Oil Warning Light Occasionally Flickers
When you encounter this kind of problem the first thing to look into is to check if there is enough oil in the engine? And this is easy to confirm.

Car Battery Warning Light Flickers While Driving
When driving you’re car and suddenly the car battery warning light started to flicker occasionally, then it means the car is having a problem involving the car alternator, provided that car battery is in good condition.

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