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Rear End Thump When Driving on Dip

A loud thump from rear end is heard when you drive over a dip.

Troubleshooting car problems of rear end thump
The car rear end includes the rear suspension, it has to main components those are the shock absorber and the springs. Some car has separate components – springs and shock – while others is combined to become part of a unit that is called the strut. When referring to strut, the portion with a shock is called the strut cartridge.

The strut works the same as when the two main components are separated. The spring on the strut is the one that absorbed the irregularities of the road – uneven surface. The strut cartridge is the one that limits the contraction or expansion of the springs and keeps the spring from excessive bouncing. When you drive your car over the dip the weight of the entire rear end will absorbed by the rear suspension, in this case the strut, when the strut cartridge is faulty it will compressed to its maximum because of the weight of the rear end that it handles, and this will result to a loud thump that you heard coming from rear end.

Possible Cause of Rear End Thump When Driving
Worn Rear Strut Cartridge or Shocks

How to Fix Rear End Thump When Driving on Dip
Check your car to know what type of rear suspension is installed, shocks or strut. If it has shocks then you can fixed the problem by just replacing the shocks, if not then the problem the possibilities is that the problem is in the strut. Usually replacing the strut cartridge will solve the problem. However make sure that your car model has a replaceable strut cartridge. If not then you have no option but to replace the entire strut and this will solve the problem of loud thump from rear end when you drive over dip.

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