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Brake Pedal Sinks to Floor When Brake is Apply

Car trouble symptoms
When the driver slightly step on the brake pedal, the pedal sinks to floor.

Troubleshooting problem of brake pedal that sinks to floor
The problem of brake pedal that sinks to the floor even when the pedal is slightly press is an indication of master cylinder fault. The reason is there is an internal leak that occur within the master cylinder.

Master cylinder consist of the primary and secondary piston which operates on the front or the rear brakes, both pistons are sealed with a parts called the cup. When cup is damage the brake fluid will leak that is why when the driver put the foot on the pedal and slightly press, the pedal goes to flooring.   

Possible cause of brake pedal sinking to floor
Internal leak on master cylinder

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How to fix brake pedal that sinks to floor
This problem should be fixed by an skilled mechanic because brakes is a vital system of the car, with that said bring the car to a reputable auto shop specializing on brake repair. Tell the mechanic to check the master cylinder and have it replace or repair whichever is necessary. Explain on the mechanic your diagnosis on brake pedal that sinks when brake is slightly applied.

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