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Engine Poor Response when Clutch Pedal is Release

When the clutch pedal is release, the engine response is poor and races.

Troubleshooting car problems of engine with poor response
While the clutch pedal is being released the engine response in a poor manner coupled with a racing engine is an indication of slipping clutch. When the clutch is slipping this means the clutch does not grab well causing the engine power not totally transferred to the transmission. Usually this condition will occur when the clutch worn excessively or out of adjustments.

Possible cause why engine response is poor when clutch pedal is release
Slipping clutch.

How to fix the problem of poor engine response
Bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop specialize in manual transmission and ask the mechanic to adjust the clutch “free play”, it is the measurement of the movement of the clutch before the clutch starts to disengage. Usually it can solve the problem, however if the problem is not solve then it’s possible that the clutch has excessively worn. In this case the clutch, the thrown out bearing and the pressure plate is needed to be replaced to fix the problem.

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