Nov 20, 2010

Loose Steering Wheel or Shaft

Car Trouble Symptom
Steering wheel feels loose.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Loose steering wheel or steering shaft in most cases is cause by the steering column bracket. Steering wheel is connected on the steering shaft that is connected with a universal joint into the steering gear. Steering shaft is surrounds by the steering column that is fixed with the steering column bracket if the bracket is loose the steering column will move as well as the steering wheel which making it loose. Also, when the universal joint is loose, the looseness will transfer to the steering column into the steering thus the steering wheel becomes loose

Possible Cause of Steering Wheel that Feels Loose
Loose steering shaft or loose steering shaft components.

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How to Fix Steering Wheel that Feels Loose
Bring the car to a reputable auto repair shaft and ask the mechanic to inspect the components of the steering shaft or the steering column components to confirm the exact cause why the steering wheel becomes loose, usually the mechanic will point to the steering column bracket as the culprit. Have the car problem taken care at once to avoid a bigger problem it’s dangerous to drive the car with a loose steering.

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