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Flashing Brake Light

Car Trouble Symptoms 
Flashing brake light on the dash board while driving, usually an indication of low brake fluid.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Flashing brake light is cause by a sensor that goes on when the brake fluid level is low. When the brake light only flashes and not permanently “ON” it means that the fluid level is just slightly low, in this case the brake light flashes especially when the car hits a dip or humps. Since the fluid level is low the fluid inside the master cylinder will slosh and did not make contact with the sensor thus triggers the brake warning light to came on.

Possible Cause of Flashing Brake Light

Slightly low brake fluid level.

How to Fix Flashing Brake Light
Add enough amount of brake fluid in your car all auto shop has available brake fluid – DOT 3. Add an amount of brake fluid just enough up to the indicator line of the brake fluid reservoir. When adding brake fluid, do not open the reservoir for a long period of time because the fluid will get contaminated by moisture coming from the ambient air, if this happens this can cause problem on your brake system much worst than the flashing brake light you have encountered.

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