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High Pitched Engine Noise

High pitched engine noise, particularly squealing sound from the engine, usually indicates problem on drive belt or alternator. Drive belt is the one that drive power to the car engine accessories, when the belt is worn out or damage high pitched engine noise can be heard. Likewise, when the alternator is faulty it will produce high pitched engine noise. Usually the noise is produce when the bearing inside the alternator is worn out this will produced high pitched noise when the alternator is spinning.

all about auto tips: When you encounter high pitched noise from the engine the first thing to do is to spray lubricant on the drive belt - a WD40 will do. Lubricant can be sprayed on the under side of the drive belt. Also if the alternator is not sealed include spraying the bearing with lubricant. This will temporarily stop the high pitched noise coming from the engine, however you have to bring the car to auto repair shop if it happened again and ask the mechanic to check the belt and the alternator then repair if necessary.

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