Apr 9, 2011

Steering Wheel Feels Sloppy or Loose

Car Trouble Symptoms
Steering wheels feels sloppy of feels like loose while you drive the car at a higher speed.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Several reasons can cause the steering wheel to feel sloppy or feel like loose when you drive this happens when front tires was over inflated and has a tendency to bounce around while the car is being driven especially when driven at higher speed, the bouncing effect is transmitted to the steering wheel linkage that resulted to loose or sloppy steering wheel feeling which can be felt by the driver.

To confirm that it is indeed the cause of the problem, use a tire pressure gauge and check the air pressure of the front tires. The tire pressure should be within the standard value or the recommended tire pressure limit set by the car manufacturer. The standard tire pressure value or the recommended tire pressure limit by the car manufacturer can be found on the car owner’s manual, you can also find the standard tire pressure on the label located on the driver side door of the car.

After checking if you found out that the tire pressure is within the standard value there are other cause of the problem, and this might be a problem that involves the car front end components. Usually a problem on the front end is a loose or worn out components like the tire rods, ball joints or the control arm. If one of those parts is loose or worn out it can cause the steering wheel to become sloppy or feels like loose.

Possible Cause of Sloppy Steering Wheel
Faulty front end components or over inflated front tires.

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How to Fix Sloppy or Loose Steering Wheel
When the cause of the problem is just an over inflated tires then its easy to fix, just reduce the amount of air and measure the tire pressure again until the standard tire pressure is met. Again the recommended tire pressure value can be found on the owner’s manual of the label on the driver side front door.

However if the tire pressure is within the standard this is the case of a loose or worn out front end components, in this case you have to bring the car to a shop and ask the mechanic to check the front end to determined what is the problem and have it repair if necessary.

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