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Brake Warning Light Flickers On and Off While Driving

While driving the brake warning light flickers on and off. If the brake warning lights flashes on and off while you drive the car, the possible reason is that that the brake fluid is low. There is a sensor located on the top of the fluid reservoir that causes the brake warning light to go on when the brake fluid level is below minimum.

Since the problem is that warning light goes on and off the brake fluid must be slightly low. Because when the fluid is slightly low there is still a tendency that the fluid touches the sensor which causes the warning light to go off, especially when the car is drove to a humps or a dip, the fluid will slosh and touch the sensor.

Possible cause of brake warning light that flickers on and off
Brake fluid level is slightly low.

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How to fix flickering brake warning lights
To fix this problem you have to add enough amount of brake fluid on the reservoir. A high quality brake fluid will do, usually DOT3 or DOT 4. When adding amount of brake fluid never leave the reservoir open for a longer period because it can cause the brake fluid to become contaminated with moisture coming from the air and may cause more problems. Also never allow the brake fluid to make contact with the painted surface of your car because only an small amount of brake fluid can damage your car.

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