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Power Window Troubleshooting and Repair

Power window problem often comes in several fashions like when the window opens slowly or even to point that the entire window stop to work properly. In any case if encountering power window problem can annoying. Power window troubleshooting and repair is no need for an expert mechanic because you can easily do it yourself if you just know the basic.

As a basic to correctly fix the problem you have to look first for the cause of the problem. Start your troubleshooting on the power window switch. Remove the power window switch and look for any sign corrosion or dirt. Corrosion and dirt sometimes on the switch cause the power window to malfunction especially on the drive, cleaning of the switch can often fix the problem if not then you have to look for other cause of the problem.

Usually the most common cause of the power window problem is bad motor, like any other part power window motor also worn out, if that happens the power window will malfunction. Now, the next thing to do is to take off the trims where the power window malfunctions and locate the window regulator, look on the repair manual that covers your car model it has specific instruction on how to remove the regulator, since regulator cannot be repair you have to replace the regulator with new one to fix the problem. Any auto shop offers this kind of part. After replacing the old regulator with new one, function first the power window if it works properly before returning the trims. Make sure that all wires are in place before fixing all the trims. This should fix the problem of your power window.

As the car goes old the parts worn out so expect the car to develop problem, however you can prolong the life of your car by just following the car maintenance schedule set by the car dealer or the one that is indicated on your car owner’s manual and service manual.

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