December 30, 2015

Steering Wheel is stiff when Turning Right or Left

Car Trouble Symptoms
When turning right or left the steering wheel is stiff.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Car with power rack and pinion steering has a major component which is called a control valve assembly. The purpose of this device is to direct the power steering fluid, which is pressurized, to the left or to the right when the driver turns the steering wheel to make the car going to the right or to the left. When the steering wheel is turns to the left the control valve assembly applies left pressure to the steering components making the steering wheels easier to steer, same as when the steering wheel is turned to the right.

Now, when the control valve assembly or one of its components has problem specifically sticking which usually happened when the engine is cold, the steering wheel will become stiff and will soon loosen up after the engine warmed up.

Possible cause of the problem
Faulty Valve Assembly

All about car recommendation
Replace the control valve assembly, some shop only replace the entire rack and pinion unit so try to find a shop that only replace the control valve assembly.

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