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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Why is My Car Shaking While Driving?

Why is my car shaking while driving? This is just one of the question most of our customer was asking when they bring their car to the shop. And for the purpose of helping other people answering why their car is shaking while driving I decided to write it here. The reason for a car to shake while driving varies with the condition of the car and what portion of the car shaking occurs.

Rear end of the car shakes
When the car rear end shakes especially when the car reaches a certain speed it means that the rear end wheels are out of balance. Wheels that are out of balance will not rotate evenly while the car is running and when the car reaches a certain speed the shaking becomes severe enough to cause the suspension also shaking and can easily be notice by the driver.

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What to do?
Now bring the car to a tire shop and have the rear wheel balance. There are two methods of balancing a wheel these are static and dynamic. The static balancing is a method wherein the wheels is balance after it is remove from a car while the dynamic balancing is a method wherein the wheels are balance without removing it from the car, it means that it is on the car.

Front end of the car shakes
Likewise when the front end of the car shakes especially if the car reach a certain speed this is because of the imbalance front wheels. Wheels are become imbalance because sometimes due to wear and tear the wheel weights that is use to balance the wheels before it is installed to a car is detached.

What to do?
Tire shop do the balancing, therefore bring the car to a shop and have the front wheel balance. In this process they will attached a wheel weights on the rim so that the wheel will be balance.

Entire car shakes while driving
When the entire car is shaking probably this is because of the out of balance wheels or out of round rims. An out of balance wheels will cause the wheel to rotate unevenly, then when the car reach a certain speed the wheels will vibrates severely making some of the suspension components to shake while the car is in motion. This vibration will then be transferred to the entire car body causing the entire car to shake. An out of round tire or wheel is rare condition for the wheels, likewise since the tire or rim is out of round it will rotate awkwardly and creates shaking thereby making the entire car shakes while driving.

What to do?
Bring the car to a tire shop and have all the four wheels balanced. The best balancing method to use is the dynamic balancing because since dynamic method balances the wheels on the car it considers the influence of the brakes during balancing. However if the tire and rim is out of round it will be difficult to fix the problem without replacing the tire or the will that extremely out of round.

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