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Steering Wheel Shakes at High Speeds

Car Symptoms: While driving the steering wheel shakes at high speeds.

Possible Cause: Imbalance front wheel or a loose front end parts.

Car Problem Diagnosis: The most common cause of steering wheel shakes at high speeds is the imbalance front wheel. Wheel becomes imbalance if the weight of the wheel is not distributed evenly throughout the wheel which means that some portions of the wheel are with heavy spots. If there is heavy spots on the wheel it will not rotate evenly then will starts to vibrate at high speeds.

The vibration that is created will then be transferred to the steering linkage up to the steering wheel which may result to a steering wheel shakes at high speeds. To compensate for the heavy spots the wheel weights is attached on the wheel, wheel weights are small metal with various sizes depending on the weight of the metal. If the wheel weights fall off the wheel will then become imbalance again.

Another reason of the steering wheel shakes is a loose front end component. Front end components are tie rod and ball joints, these parts will vibrate if loose and the vibration will then become extreme when the car reaches high speeds enough to cause the steering wheel to shakes.

What to do?
The first thing to do which is much cheaper and faster is to balance the wheels. Bring the car to a tire shop and subject the car to wheel balancing. If after balancing the steering wheel still shakes then that is the time you bring the car to a car shop and ask the mechanic to check on the front end components for any looseness.

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