On this page  you can find the common car brake problems diagnosis and troubleshooting guide base on actual workshop experience of car technicians.

Why does my car shakes when I hit the brakes?
When the car shakes when you hit the brakes in indicates problem on rear brakes. Find out the reason why a shakes when you hit the brakes.
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What does it mean when the brake pedal is hard?
If the brake is hard and you need to exert extra effort when pressing the brake pedal it means that there is problem with the power brake unit. 
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Car Shakes When Braking
The whole car shakes when braking. The shaking is extreme that it can easily felt by driver.

Brake Pad Worn Excessively
Excessively worn brake pad is cause by poor maintenance. Probably the brake has been neglected too long that’s why the pad is worn down to the metal.

Brake Pedal Sinks to Floor When Brake is Apply
When brake pedal sinks even when the pedal is slightly depressed indicates problem with the master cylinder, specifically an internal leak is occur.

Loud Grinding Noise When Braking
This is what happens when you neglect the maintenance of your brake, you will only notice that there is already a problem when it’s too late because of poor car maintenance schedule, the result, you may end up paying a costly repair in fixing the problem.

Low Brake Fluid Symptoms
While driving the car and the car brake light indicator start to flicker especially on a bump road this indicates that there is a slightly low brake fluid level.

Car Brakes Are Partly On After Brake Pedal Released
There are two possible cause of this kind of problem and to determine what causing it is to do the auto diagnose.

Front End Vibration While Braking
During braking you will notice that your brake pedal vibrates, in addition there is also vibration that can be felt coming mainly from the front end of your car.

Clunk Noise on Front End While Braking
During application of your car brakes a clunk is heard coming from the front suspension of your car.

Front Brake Drags after Brake Pedal is Release
To confirm whether it is really your front car brake that is dragging, you may do this simple test.

Car Brake Pedal Vibration on Brake Application
When you step on the brake pedal to stop your car, the brake pedal vibrates, however the vibration can only be felt coming mainly from the car rear end.

Car Brakes Rattling Sound on Brake Application
While driving your car you will notice a rattling sound that is mainly coming from your car brakes.

My Brake Feels Spongy
When your car brake system is properly functioning when you depress your car brake pedal a brake fluid will force through the brake lines into the brakes to stop your car, during depression of car brake pedal you will feels solid because brake fluid cannot be compress.

Wheel Locks Up or Skid While Braking
If one of your car wheels locks up, it means the opposite wheel is not braking. If one wheel is braking and the opposite wheel is not your brake is imbalance, this imbalance is causing the braking wheel to locks up or skid.

Brake Pedal Vibrates During Braking
During braking if you notice the car brake pedal vibrates when depressed it is an indication of misalignment between rear shoes and drums.

Rattling Sound From Car Brake Rattling noise from car brake is an indication of loose brake parts, as you might never know when the parts vibrate this will produce rattling sound.

Clicking Sound When Brake Pedal is Depress
During application of car brake, a clicking sound is heard coming from the front end.

Your Car Pulls to One Side When You Step on Your Car Brake
As you do not know, your car front end or front tires controls the steering and the front brakes do most about 75% of the braking, so you better check those three parts to determine what causes the problem.

Brake Pedal Goes Down Further Than Usual
When you press your car brake pedal and have notice that it goes down further than it used to be, there are two possible reasons that causes this kind of problem. It’s either your car brake fluid is very low or your car brake shoe lining is worn.

Brake Pedal Hard to Push Down
If you exert more effort in pressing brakes pedal to put your vehicle to stop, then you are having trouble with your power brake unit.

Brake Squealing Noise Squealing noise from your car brakes is consist of two following reason, one is that your car brake pads are low and need replacement, if you are not aware of, your car brake pads consist of a wear sensor.