On this page of you will find troubleshooting guide for car engine common problem. The engine problem on this page is based on the technician experience, this will only serves as guide and will not guarantee to solve your engine problem, please feel free to read out article below:

What causes a car to sputter and idle rough?
There are many possible reasons that cause the engine to run rough and may result to engine misfiring but the most common. Continue reading>>> What causes a car to sputter and idle rough?

Why does my car make a high pitched noise?
Drive belt is the one that drive power to the engine accessories, when the belt is worn out or damage high pitched engine noise is easily be heard especially the driver. Continue reading>>> Why does my car make a high pitched noise?
What does it mean when your car cranks but wont start?
There is a simple test which can be done to determine if this is a battery related problem or not. Continue reading >>> Why does it mean when your car cranks but wont start?

Why does my car make a ticking sound?
If the car make ticking sound it means the engine is not fully lubricated. It either the engine lacks oil or low oil pressure. Continue reading >>> Why does my car make a ticking sound?

Why does my car make a ticking sound?
If the car make ticking sound it means the engine is not fully lubricated. It either the engine lacks oil or low oil pressure. Continue reading >>> Why does my car make a ticking sound?

Why does blue smoke coming out the exhaust?
Blue smoke that coming out the exhaust means only one thing, the engine is burning oil inside the chamber. Now why is the engine burning oil? Continue reading >>> Why does blue smoke coming out of the exhaust?

Car Shakes When Idle
If car shakes when idle the reasons is that once of the cylinders is misfiring. For the normal engine to run smoothly the engine cylinder must fire properly, the firing of each cylinder must be in the correct sequence.

Engine Misfiring Effect on Car
When there is engine misfiring on one or more cylinders the engine balance will be thrown off. When this happens each cylinder inside the engine is not firing correctly and this can cause the engine not to run smoothly.

Black Exhaust Smoke from Exhaust of Car
Black smoke from exhaust of car comes out while you are driving indicates that the car air fuel/ratio is too rich, when a car air/fuel ratio is too rich, more gas is being burned from a car's engine combustion chambers.

Car Start but Engine Initially Backfire
When car backfires shortly after starting and usually occurs on wet condition, then this is a sign of problem of moisture inside the distributor cap. Moisture is the results of condensation from the air humidity, and interferes with the ignition system thereby causing the engine backfires shortly after starting.

Engine Ticking Sound
Check the engine oil level to determine if the engine has lacking oil. If the engine oil is low then this causes the ticking sound. Just add enough amount of oil to correct the problem.

Car Stalls When Engine is Hot
When the car stall if the engine is abnormally hot, this often cause by a vapor lock occurred on the engine. Vapor lock happens when a gas going to the engine starts to boils before it reaches the combustion chambers.

Car Jerks When Accelerating
When the car jerks during acceleration occurs when the temperature is cold or the engine is cold, this only indicates a problem on the distributor cap. Moisture is formed inside the distributor cap during the night when the weather is cold or when it’s raining.

Oldsmobile Cutlass Stalls While Idling
For Oldsmobile cutlass stalling during idle with fuel injection engine is either caused by a bad idle air bypass valve, a bad cold start valve or a bad fuel pressure regulator. To establish which one is the possibilities try to do the following car diagnostics.

Engine Suddenly Losses Power
For the carburetor engine, this problem occurs when there is a failure on one of the component of the ignition system or a sudden failure of the carburetor.

Engine Backfires When Trying to Start
If the problem only occurs during or after raining, then the possible problem is moisture on the distributor cap. Moisture results from the humidity in the air, if the distributor cap contains moisture, this will interfere on the ability of the ignition system to operate properly and will result to engine backfires.

Engine Runs Rough at Idle
The real problem here is that, why the car engine misfire? Engine misfiring can cause by a lot of factors and it is very difficult to test. However, there are only two common reasons that usually causing the problem, first is a vacuum leak and the second is a bad spark plugs or spark plug wires.

Troubleshoot Car Exhaust Smoke
Different smoke comes out from the tail pipe. However you can tell if there is a problem with your car by noticing what smoke comes out the exhaust.

Car Engine Pinging Sound
A pinging sound is an indication of a car engine related problems there are several cause why the engine produce pinging sound. However, if you notice the pinging sound occurs after your car is filled with a gasoline then this means that the problem is related to the type of gasoline you just filled on the car.

Loss Engine Power but Top Speed Remains the Same
A high mileage car with gradual lack of power on all road conditions, flat road or uphill, is and indication that the car has weak compression. Compression is when the air/fuel mixture is squeeze inside the car combustion chambers.

Engine Power is Loss, Top Speed is Decrease
When a car losses power gradually and the maximum speed is less than the maximum speed before the problem occurs, is an indication of a possible clogged catalytic converter.

Carburetor Engine Stall While Idling
When carburetor engine stall while idling but will continue running if the gas pedal is depressed while the engine is about to stall, is an indication of a too low idle speed.

Fuel Injection Car Stall While Idling
When a fuel injected car stall while idling, but will continue to run when the gas pedal is depressed just about when the engine will stall can only cause a faulty idle air by pass valve.

White Smoke from Exhaust of Car
When you notice a white smoke comes out the exhaust of your car even when the engine temperature is cold, warm or hot, this can be an indication of a damage head gasket.

Car Engine Backfire When Decelerating
When a car backfires during deceleration it only indicates that there is a possible problem on the emission control device which known as the air injection system.

Carburetor Car Engine Stall at Normal Temperature
Car stalling occurrence while driving uphill or when cornering is an indication of an out of adjustment float inside the carburetor. All carburetor engines consist of a float that controls the flow of the fuel to the engine, when this float is out of adjustment it can affect the flow of the fuel.

Fuel Injection Car Stalls at Normal Engine Temperature
A car stalled while driving at normal engine temperature is an indication of having a fuel problem.

Car Stall When Engine Temperature is High
When an engine stalls while driving and occurs while the car engine temperature is extremely high then the reason most probably is a vapor lock.

Too Much Car Engine Idle Vibration
A car engine vibrates excessively while idle it indicates problem that is related to engine firing. Car engine cylinders needs to fire in a correct order so that the car engine will run smoothly.

What Does It Mean When Your Car Jerks
Constantly jerking of car during acceleration is cause of a bad throttle position sensor, as you can see fuel injected engines have throttle position sensor.

Engine Pinging Sounds on High Altitude Roads
When a car engine is pinging this indicates that there is a pre-ignition inside your car combustion chamber

Engine Sounds Rough at High Speed
A car engine that sounds rough when a car reaches high speed is an indication of a problem on spark plugs or spark plug wires.

Car Losses Power Going Uphill
When a car engine is weak in power this only means the engine is low in compression, this is noticeable especially when driving uphill because the engine is under a lot more stress on this condition.

Temperature Gauge Reads Hot After Engine Starts
Temperature gauge that reads high has four reasons why it happens, the lack of engine coolant, collapse radiator hose, faulty water pump or thermostat.

Car Engine Backfires While Driving
When an engine backfires not only while decelerating but also at any circumstances while driving indicates that there is a possible problems with the engine timing or with the engine valve probably not sealing well.

Car Engine Runs Rough on Idling
When your car engine runs rough while on idle it means that there is a misfiring of one or more cylinders. As you can see when a cylinder misfires it will disrupt the engines natural balance.

Radiator Boils Over when the Engine is Semi-hot
This kind of problem occurs when you have a leaking radiator cap. Radiator cap keeps your car entire cooling system under pressure, when the radiator cap is leaking your coolant boiling point will become below its normal boiling point thus the coolant will boil easily even the engine is semi-hot.

High Pitched Squeal On Engine While Running
Faulty alternator that spins produces high pitch squeal noise when the bearings inside the alternator are worn.

Lack of Car Engine Power Gradually
If your car top speed is significantly less than what it was, then the problem lies with a clogged catalytic converter. Engine Suddenly Lacks Power Sudden loss of power is usually cause by a failure on your car ignition system or carburetor.

Car Stalls When Accelerating
Car stalls when accelerating is cause by the following reasons, when car stalls during cold rainy mornings with a cold engine, the problem is moisture on a distributor cap.