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Why Is My Car Running Rough At Idle?

Did you know why is your car running rough at idle? Rough idle while the engine is running indicates that there is engine misfiring on one or more cylinders. Since the cylinder is misfiring the engine becomes imbalance and that imbalance creates rough idle.

Now, the real problem here is why the engine misfire? several reasons why engine misfire, lots of factors must be considered that is why its very difficult to test the engine. But, there are only two common fault that usually causing the problem, first there might be vacuum leak and the second is a bad spark plugs or spark plug wires.
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There is other reason but commonly encountered on high mileage cars, that is a burned or out of adjustments valve. If this is the case the affected engine cylinder will encounter low compression thus misfiring occurs. However, for fuel injection car it is possible that the fuel injector is clogged which resulted to engine misfiring. Since one injector is clogged, there will be fuel starvation on the affected cylinder which will make the engine rough during idle.

Possible Cause of Engine Rough Idle

1) Vacuum leak
2) Bad spark plug or wires
3) Burn out valves
4) Out of adjustment valves.

What to do?
First is to replace the spark plug and the spark plug wires, most of the time this will solve the problem rough idle. Refer to your car service manual that covers the car model to know how to replace the spark plug or spark plug wires if the problem still occur bring the car to a reputable repair shop let the mechanic inspect the car to confirm the cause of rough idle car engine.

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