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Car Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Car Maintenance

On this page of all about auto, you will find do-it-yourself car maintenance. A basic guide from mechanic previous experiences. Find different car maintenance related to what your car needs.

Car maintenance

Car Maintenance
Risk of Asbestos Exposure When Repairing Cars
Asbestos has been used in the manufacturing of brake pads and linings, clutch facings, and gaskets for decades. Many people assume that asbestos has been completely banned from use, but many of these products are still used on vehicles today. Asbestos is also the only known cause of an extremely aggressive type of lung cancer known as mesothelioma.

Car Maintenance
Changing Windshield Wipers
What to do when changing wiper blades? Windshield wipers blades are components of the wiper assembly, the purpose of the wiper is to clean the car windshield from dirt or water especially when driving under the rain. But due to continues usage wear and tear will eventually happen and the need to change the wiper blade will come when the wiper cannot clean the windshield anymore especially if the windshield is not clear after using the windshield washer.

Car Maintenance
How to Test an Alternator?
An automobile has many electrical devices, such as the starting system, lights, radio, etc. These devices are operated by the electric current supplied from the battery and alternator. The amount of power generated depends on the alternator specification and engine speed. Power generation is automatically controlled according to the battery condition and the vehicle electrical consumption (load) at a specific time

6 Car Maintenance and Repair Skills Every Driver Must Learn
Maintenance and Repair Skills Every Driver must Learn is very important not only for the maintenance of your car but also for the safety of you and your passenger.

How to Check Transmission Fluid
Automatic transmission fluid is as important as engine oil. Like the engine it is also necessary to check the ATF, someone asks us how do I read transmission fluid dipstick? Well, there are readings you need to be done when the engine is cold and when the engine is hot.

Can You Put 91 Octane Gasoline In Any Car?
Not all cars can use 91 octane gasoline. Most of the car produced for the market today use high octane gasoline. If you are not sure about what gasoline octane rating to use for your car, check out your car user manual it indicates what type of fuel to be used for your car.

Car Maintenance
How to Check Oil in the Car
If the low oil light on the instrument cluster is ON, You should check the engine oil level immediately and add engine oil as needed. Before you drive your car in the morning checking the oil in the car must be done when the engine is cold. If the low oil light on the instrument cluster is ON, You should check the engine oil level immediately and add engine oil as needed. Before you drive your car in the morning checking the oil in the car must be done when the engine is cold.

Truth About Cars
How to Stop Rust on Car
Can you stop rust on the car? Rust is caused by many factors but the most common that contributes to rust is, the accumulation of moisture-retaining dirt and debris in body panel sections, cavities and other areas on your car and the damage to paint and protective coatings caused by gravel and stone chips or minor traffic accidents.

How to Take Care of Your Car Like a Pro?
How do you take care of your car? there is a lot of things to do to take care of your car, most do-it-yourself maintenance is found on your car owners manual. As car owner especially those first time to own a car must know the basic of checking their car for day to day operation as routine, it is essential to have the car operates properly to provide you with a safe journey.

Truth About Cars
How Often to Change Air Filter
How often should you change your air filter for your car? you change the air filter for your car depending on your car driving conditions, but usually the air filter changes one every year. During filtering of air, the particulates are stocked inside air filters which then causes clogging of the air filters, that is why we need to replace our vehicle air filters.

Car Maintenance Schedule for Car Owner
One of the responsible things to do as the car owner is to conduct an inspection or scheduled maintenance of the car before it will be used as well as follow the car maintenance schedule provided by the car manufacturer that is included in the warranty booklet when a car is purchased on the dealer.

Truth About Cars
How to Get Better Gas Mileage
Do you know why your car is getting terrible mileage? Do you know how to save gas? Several reasons are causing the car on getting terrible mileage it can be controllable or not which is most often. The cost of fuel that keeps increasing ripped the budget of the average car owner, no other way to save the budget on fuel but to maximize the use. Terrible fuel mileage can become better as long as you know how to get better gas mileage.

How to Jump-Start a Car
When you jump start a car it should be done correctly, if not then the possibility of battery explosion can occur and will damage the car. Avoid using a frozen battery to jump-start a car and the correct battery rating should also be considered.

Do You Have to Break in a New car?
Do you have to break in a new car? Yes. Most people do not bother to break in their car after the purchasing, most people overlook the break-in period when they've just bought their new car, some is not aware that break in determines the reliability of the car in the future, that is why break-in is necessary for the newly purchased car, the schedule is very important.

Cleaning Chrome Rims
Although it’s one of the parts that improve the look of your car if they are not properly maintained the rims can develop corrosions that affect its appearance and like any other part that affects the aesthetics of the car it should also be properly caring and maintain regularly.

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