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What Causes Tires To Wear On Inside Edge?

Wheels and tires

What causes tires to wear on the inside edge? If there is abnormal tire wear on the inside edge of the tire it means that there is a problem of wheel alignment, specifically the tilting of the wheel.

The inside edge of the tire has abnormal or unusual tire wear on the inside edge. The idea of "wheel alignment" essentially has to do with how straight the wheels are relative to the vehicle's frame. Mechanics use the term "camber" when they are talking about the tilt of a wheel. Specifically, a wheel has either :

1) positive camber.
2) negative camber.
3) no camber.

If a wheel has a "positive camber", it's tilted outward or, away from the vehicle's frame. If a wheel has a "negative camber", it's tilted inward or, towards the vehicle's frame. If a wheel has no camber, it's not tilted - this is what you want. As you indicated in the problem you chose, one (or more) of the tires is wearing mainly on its inside edge. This means the wheel is tilted inward or, has a "negative camber". An inward tilt will, of course, cause the tire to wear on its inside edge.

What causes tires to wear on the inside edge

(1) Negative camber wheel alignment problem.

How to fix abnormal tire wear on the inside edge

Bring the car to a reputable car repair shops that do a wheel alignment job. You'll need to have an alignment job done on this vehicle. It's a good idea to have this done soon because the longer you wait, the worse the tire(s) will get. Some mechanics may tell you they can't do an alignment properly without first replacing one or more front end parts. If this is what a mechanic tells you, get a second opinion before proceeding with any such repairs.

Tire Wear Patterns and What they Mean
A wheel consists of a rim and tire. When rims and tires are manufactured, they're almost always somewhat flawed.

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  1. just curious to know how often a driver is required to change his engine oil??


  2. Hi wow,

    Changing engine oil depends on the severity of usage of your vehicle, usually it is recommended to change your engine oil every 6 months or 5,000 km (whichever comes first) for diesel engine and once a year or 10,000 km (whichever comes first) for gasoline engine.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I have tire wear (down to threads) on the inside of both of my front tires, I also have a huge shimmy when going 65mph or higher. What would cause this??

  4. Wear inside is caused by worn ball-joints. Paying $100 for an alignment and then checking parts, uhuh, nono ! Check parts first by shaking tire top to bottom for worn ball joints.Shake left to right for worn tie-rods


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