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Dash Lights

Dash Lights

On this page of Cartech Home, you will find the meaning of Malfunction Indicator Lights (MIL) when it appears on your dashboard. Dash lights indicate problem encountered on the car. Several dash warning lights on the dashboard are installed on every car for easy determination of the car problem.

Dash Lights Car Troubleshooting

Why is My Turn Signal Blinking so Fast?

Why is my turn signal blinking so fast? This happens when the paddle switch is turned on, the turn signal light including the indicator light on the cluster blinks so fast. 

Car Running Hot but Not Overheating

Why does the car running hot but not overheating? If the temperature warning lights on the dashboard go up in a car it means that coolant temp is high and so as the engine. Engine temperature goes high especially when the weather is hot. 

Why is the Oil Light Comes On and Off but the Oil is Full

If the engine oil level is low, this is causing the oil warning light to flicker. This is most likely what is responsible for the occasional flickering of the oil warning light. More specifically, a low oil level will cause the oil pressure inside the engine to temporarily drop. When this happens, the warning light will flicker. 

Why does my temperature gauge go up in my car?

If the temperature gauge goes up in a car it means that coolant temp is high and so as the engine. Engine temperature goes high especially when the weather is hot. 

Battery Warning Light Comes On While Driving

The low battery warning light comes on steadily while driving this light can be noticed when you look at the car instrument panel. A battery warning light that comes on steadily indicates a serious problem, usually, it indicates a problem of a broken alternator belt or failed alternator. 

Oil Warning Light Came On Steadily

The oil warning light came on steadily while driving. This kind of problem indicates that there is a lack of oil pressure inside the engine. If the oil pressure is not sufficient the engine will not be lubricated and will freeze up, to make identify the cause of problem check first the car engine oil level. 

Car Battery Light On and Off

Why car battery light on an off? this problem often occurs while driving, suddenly the battery warning light starts to flickers or is come on and go off occasionally. When this happens problem with the alternator is more likely the reason. 

Reasons Why Warning Lights on the Dashboard Lit

What is that warning lights on the dashboard mean? If these dashboard warning lights are lit it means something is wrong with the car to warn the driver.  

Check Engine Light Flashing

Do you know what could cause the check engine light flashing or come on while driving? Check engine light indicator is the symbol of the engine appears on the dashboard when there is a problem on the parts that are related to the emission. 

Why Does Your Car's Oil Light Come On?

Usually, when you turn "ON" the engine, the red oil light comes on in a few seconds then it goes "OFF" but if the oil light goes on and will remain "ON" especially while you are driving then there is a problem with the oil system. 

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