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Car Dashboard Warning Lights

On this page you will find the meaning of Malfunction Indicator Lights (MIL) when it appears on your dashboard. Dash warning lights indicates problem encountered on the car. Several warning lights is installed on every car for easily determination of the car problem.

Why does my temperature gauge go up in my car?
If the temperature gauge go up in a car it means that coolant temp is high and so as the engine. Engine temperature goes high especially when the weather is hot. 

Why is my turn signal blinking so fast?
If the turn signal lights is blinking so fast this means that there is a problem somewhere in the system. Find out why?

Battery Warning Light Comes On While Driving
Battery warning light that comes on steadily indicates a serious problem, usually it indicates a problem of broken alternator belt or failed alternator.

Oil Warning Light Came On Steadily
This kind of problem indicates that there is a lack of oil pressure inside the engine. If the oil pressure is not sufficient the engine will not be lubricated and will freeze up, to make identify the cause of problem check first the car engine oil level.

Car Battery Warning Light Flickers While Driving
When driving you’re car and suddenly the car battery warning light started to flicker occasionally, then it means the car is having a problem involving the car alternator, provided that car battery is in good condition.

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