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Why is my turn signal blinking so fast?

Why is my turn signal blinking so fast? This happens when the paddle switch is turn on, the turn signal light including the indicator light on the cluster blinks so fast.

Possible cause:
Busted turn signal light bulb

Turn signal light has flasher that when the paddle switch for turn signal lights is switch on the current will pass thru and goes into the bulb, as the current continuously pass the system the heats build up. Metal strip on the system will stretch-out as the heat build up until it breaks the flow of the electrical current.

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When the electrical current is break the bulb will turn off. Once the bulb is turn off the metal strip will cools down and have contact again which makes the current flow again. This process will repeat until the paddle switch is turn off.

What to do?
Turn on flasher switch this is the switch with red triangle usually located on the dashboard center cluster.

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Look at all flasher light, turn signal light for any busted bulb. Replace the busted bulb, this should fix the problem.

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