The Best Methods for Cleaning a Radiator

One reason for overheating is a failed radiator and it will surely fail if it is not cleaned. So, how do clean a radiator? if the radiator fails the engine will be starved with coolant, the possible reason is that the radiator is clogged or the coolant leaked out. But to prevent the radiator from failing is by regularly maintaining it, which include radiator cleaning as part of your regular car maintenance.

Conduct a routine inspection, probably prior to using the ca, of the coolant level when the engine is cold. The coolant level should be within the Minimum “MIN” and the Maximum “MAX” range.

Check for cracks, loose connection, and damage radiator hoses, upper and lower radiator hose also check for improper attachment of radiator hose. Check for radiator tank crack, radiator core crack and cracked reservoir tank.

Then proceed with the cleaning of the radiator to prevent and stop radiator leak occurrence, Radiator maintenance can be done either by removing the radiator from the vehicle or not.

How do you clean a radiator?

1. When cleaning the radiator avoid damaging or bending the radiator fins, using water hose spray the backside of the radiator core vertically downward.

2. Spray all radiator core surfaces vertically downward with a water hose once per minute until there is no stain is flowing out from the radiator core.

3. When there is no stain is flowing out, spray the backside of the radiator core with compressed air vertically downward, compressed air should not exceed 71 psi. The distance of the spray nozzle should be 1 foot and above from the radiator core.

4. Spray all radiator core surfaces vertically downward once per minute until there is no water sprays out on the radiator core. Watch the video below.

Remember to always check the car coolant level of the vehicle to prevent and stop leak occurrence while driving on the road. If the engine coolant is rapidly decreasing every routine inspection then probably there is a leak somewhere from the vehicle cooling system, better to bring the vehicle to a reputable shop and subject it to leak test.

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