Nissan Navara Engine Oil Low Service Light Resetting

One of the special feature of your Navara is the engine oil low service light. All Navara is equipped with engine oil level and oil change schedule indicator light. On the instrument panel of the vehicle there is a wrench symbol appears on the instrument panel to remind the driver that the vehicle is due for servicing.

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Nissan Navara D40 Change Oil

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If you own a Nissan Navara, one of the crucial routine maintenance that you should not be neglected is the oil change. D40 has features that reminds the driver on maintenance schedule. Navara service indicator light is a features that appears on dash board when it is time for the change oil.

Car AC Barely Blowing Air from the Vents

If the car ac barely blowing air from the vents it means there is problem with the air passage. In normal car air conditioning if the fan is set to maximum the air coming out the ac vents should be maximum also, but if the car air conditioning vent barely blows out air it is not normal. Usually the main reason of is a blower problem or air duct blockage problem.


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