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Car Stalls When Accelerating

Do you know the reason what causes a car to stall while accelerating? The most common reasons are moisture in the distributor cap, a vacuum leak, or a bad throttle position sensor, but whatever the reason is, it all depends on the conditions when the car stalls when accelerating happens, like if the car stalling happens on cold rainy mornings, if the car stalling is gradually becomes frequent, if the car stalling happens at any engine temperature. Different conditions have different cause of why car stalls while accelerating.

PCV Valve Causing a Car Stalls When Accelerating
Image Credit for PCV Valve Causing a Car Stalls When Accelerating

Low Brake Fluid Makes the Brake Light Comes On and Off?

If the brake warning lights come on and off while driving, the possible reason is that that the car has low brake fluid. Because there is a sensor located on the top of the fluid reservoir that causes the brake warning light to go on when the brake fluid low or level is below the minimum.

Low Brake Fluid
Low Brake Fluid Image Credit

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