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Hi, welcome to our blog created by AV Vargas owner of this blog All About Auto. This blog provides the basic car problem diagnosis guide for every car owner for a better understanding of car trouble for fast and easy repair.
All the car problem diagnoses written on this blog are base on 20 years of experience working in the automotive industry. You may find on this blog information about car problems and how to troubleshoot the problem correctly.

You can also subscribe to all about the car to keep you updated on the latest troubleshooting guide via email. If you have any questions or suggestions or any topic you want us to discuss you can contact us on our contact page or comment on one of our articles.
Enjoy Reading... All about a car.

Owner Bio
Hi, my name is Allan in 2007 I founded All About Auto to provide information to car owners and guide them on how to solve car problems to save them time and money for simple problems that repair shop is not necessary.

I am currently working in an automotive company with 20 years experience in Product Development and now under the after-sales group. At the start, this blog is just to provide information but since maintaining a blog involves costing, I decided to monetize the blog and offer an advertisement slot so that the blog will continue to help that car owner that remains our loyal readers.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Happy reading.

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