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Nissan Navara Maintenance Tips

On this page you will find Nissan Navara maintenance tips necessary to ensure that your Navara is in good condition.


Navara Maintenance Tips

Navara Brake Fluid Drain and Refill
When draining the Nissan Navara brake fluid, refill with a new brake fluid “DOT 3”. Never reuse the brake fluid drained from the unit. Brake fluid can cause damage on your car paint, therefore avoid the brake fluid to splash on the car painted areas.

Nissan Navara Fuse Replacement
If the electrical equipment of your D22 Navara does not operate, the first part to look up to is the fuse. Check for an open fuse.

Nissan Navara Transfer Fluid
Nissan Navara transfer fluid leakage and fluid level checking.

Navara Automatic Transmission Fluid Change
Automatic transmission fluid can affect the performance of your Nissan D40 transmission, the fluid color can determine if there is trouble inside the D40 automatic transmission.

Oil Filter Change for D40 Navara
When conducting Nissan Navara D40 change oil, it is also necessary to change oil filter. Make sure to use only a genuine Nissan engine oil filter or equivalent when doing the changing of oil and oil filter your self.

D40 Navara Change Oil
Change oil is one of the crucial routine maintenance that should not be neglected especially with Nissan Navara D40. Nissan Navara has change oil indicator on dash board when it is time for the change oil.

Navara Nissan Engine Coolant Mixture
Before your vehicle leave the factory it was already filled with a high-quality, year-round and extended life engine coolant that contains solutions which is very effective for anti-corrosion and anti-freeze function thereby no need to add additional cooling system additives for your vehicle.

Nissan Navara Engine Oil Level and Oil Change Schedule
Philippines Nissan Navara is equipped with the engine oil level and oil change schedule indicator located on the instrument panel of the vehicle.

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