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How to Replace Busted Fuse for Nissan Navara D40

If the electrical equipment of your D22 Navara does not operate, the first part to look up to is the fuse. Check for an open fuse. The fuse box is located in the lower part of the instrument panel on the passenger’s side. To access the fuse box lid, open the glove box. The affected circuit is shown on the back of the fuse box lid.

How to check for the open fuse

Step 1. Keep the ignition switch and the headlights to “Off” position, if the engine and headlight are “ON”, turn it “OFF”.

Step 2. Open the fuse box lid. Using the fuse fuller located on the fuse box lid, remove the fuse that is equivalent to the affected circuit. Check the back of the fuse box lid to identify the circuit for each fuse.

Step 3. Check for the open fuses and replaced the fuse with a new one if it is found to be open. Remember, never use a fuse with a higher or lower amperage than what is specified on the label found on the fuse lid cover.

Step 4. Close the fuse box lid. If the new fuse opens again after its installation then have the electrical system checked by the servicing dealer and repair if necessary.

For the fuse box located on the engine compartment

Step 1. Make sure the ignition switch and the headlight switch are in the “OFF” position. Open the hood and locate the fuse box. Remove the fusible link cover.

Step 2. Remove the fuse using the fuse puller located inside the fuse box of the passenger compartment and checked for the open fuse. If the fuse is open, replace it with a new one.

Step 3. Return the fusible link cover and then close the hood. If the new fuse that is newly installed opens again, then have the electrical system checked by your Nissan Navara dealer.

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