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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why is My Car Shaking While Driving?

Why is my car shaking while driving? This is just one of the question most of our customer was asking when they bring their car to the shop. And for the purpose of helping other people answering why their car is shaking while driving I decided to write it here. The reason for a car to shake while driving varies with the condition of the car and the location when the shaking occurs.

Nissan Navara Engine Oil Low Light Reset

Nissan Navara oil low light reset equipped on D40 is the engine oil level and oil change schedule indicator located on the instrument panel of the vehicle. This feature can be notice when the ignition switch is turned on, There is a wrench symbol and the distance to which the oil change is necessary appear on the instrument panel for an approximately 5 seconds.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Car AC Barely Blowing Air from the Vents

When car ac barely blowing air from the vent there is problem with the air passage. Usually if the car air conditioning fan is at maximum setting the air coming out the car ac vent is also at maximum air blowing, but when the car air conditioning vent barely blows out air there is a problem, and the main reason of this is a blower problem or air duct blockage problem.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Car Stalling While Accelerating What are the Causes?

Several reasons cause a car stalling while accelerating but I have not known this not until it happens on me when my car stalls when I accelerate, I started diagnosing this problem and found out that the cause of car stalling while accelerating depend on the situation and the condition when the problem occurs.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What's Wrong With My Car

What’s wrong with my car why is the car won’t start?
Several reasons causing a car not to start but the most common cause is related to battery problem, the battery is either weak or dead and need to be replace, so the first thing to check when your car won’t start is the battery. It is simple to find out if your car battery is weak, first is to turn the ignition “ON” this is the point where the engine is about to start. Engine “ON” is different from Engine “Start” sometimes you can find engrave on the ignition key cylinder the word “ON” and “START”.