How to Start a Car in Cold Weather

Cold weather will sometimes cause the car not to start and several reasons is causing it.

Car Trouble Symptoms 
The car is not starting in cold weather.

Possible Cause of Car Trouble Engine 
Oil is Too Thick 
Use of Heavy, Single Weight Engine Oil can cause a car not to start in cold. This type of oil will becomes too thick when the temperature is very cold especially during winter. If the oil is too thick the engine will be having trouble during cranking when trying to start it is because the oil causes too much friction between the piston and the cylinder.

Steering Wheel does not return to center after turn

Car Trouble Symptoms
Steering wheel does not return to center after the car turn from a curve.

Possible Cause of Car Trouble
Problem on the Alignment of Front Wheel
Explaining why the steering wheel does not return after turn is purely technical and requires knowledge about the car front ends and the wheel alignment.

Steering Wheel Shakes When Braking

Car Trouble Symptoms
Steering wheel shakes when braking, shaking of steering wheel occurs when the brake pedal is depressed. The steering wheel shaking when braking is extreme that it can easily be notice by the driver.

Car is Not Starting Only Spinning Sounds Occurred

Car trouble symptoms:
Car is not starting. Only spinning sounds occur coming from engine when trying to start. 
Troubleshooting car problems of spinning sounds during starting
If the car wont start and only spinning sound is heard when cranking the engine this indicates that the car starter drive is slipping. The starter drive is a part inside the starter that is when slipping can caused the car not to start.

Car Stalls When Accelerating

A car that stalls when accelerating is cause by the following reasons, when car stalls during cold rainy mornings with a cold engine, the problem is moisture on a distributor cap.