Ford Ecosport 1.5 Petrol Review

Today I had the opportunity to drive a Ford Ecosport 1.5 Petrol Titanium version and here's what I found about the Titanium version of...

How to Replace Wiper Blades of Your Car

Windshield wiper is often used to clean a car windshield of water or dirt while driving under the rain or when the windshield is not clear enough to see what's in front of the car, but sometimes even after the used of windshield washer and the windshield wipers the windshield are still not that clear enough.

5 Reasons to Change Your Vehicle

A car’s performance can determine your health and safety, which is why you must ensure you drive a safe and reliable car. To help you spot any warning signs, we are offering five reasons why you should consider changing your vehicle.

Warning Lights on Your Control Panel

The lights on your car’s control panel will often turn on once you start an engine, and will disappear within a few seconds. However, if one warning light doesn’t turn off, you could have a big problem with your vehicle. The size of the issue will be determined by the light that refuses to turn off. If you have a light that won’t turn off, we strongly advise you to visit a mechanic to identify the cause and provide a solution.

Front End of the Car Vibrates at Certain Speed

Car Trouble Symptoms

When driving at a certain speed, for example more or less 60 kph, it feels that the car front end vibrates but no vibration on the rear end.

Car Problem Diagnosis

Usually the reason for this kind of problem is the out of balance front wheel , sometimes during manufacture the rims and tires are not balance in terms of weight distribution, that is why it is necessary that during assembly of tire there is wheel balancing to compensate for the out of balance wheel because of the fault during manufacturing.

Nissan Navara Engine Oil Low Light Reset

Nissan Navara oil low light reset that is equipped on the D40 is the engine oil level and oil change schedule indicator, it is located on the instrument panel of the vehicle. This feature will be notice when the ignition switch is turned on, There is a wrench symbol including the distance to which the oil change is necessary which will appear on the instrument panel for an approximately 5 seconds.