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What Could Cause the Check Engine Light to Come On

Do you know what could cause the check engine light to come on while driving? Check engine light indicator is the symbol of the engine appears on the dashboard when there is problem on the parts that is related to the emission.

What does it mean when the brake light comes on and off?

If the brake warning lights comes on and off while driving, the possible reason is that that the brake fluid is low. There is a sensor located on the top of the fluid reservoir that causes the brake warning light to go on when the brake fluid level is below minimum.

Brake Fluid
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Car Starts but Won't Stay Running

Car starts but wont stay running, initially it runs but stalls shortly. The possible reasons why the car won't stay running are a bad electric sensor or a faulty electric fuel pump.  

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Car Fuel System
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How to Check Alternator

An automobile has many electrical devices, such as the starting system, lights, radio, etc. These devices are operated by electric current supplied from the battery and alternator. The amount of power generated depends on the alternator specification and engine speed. Power generation is automatically controlled according to the battery condition and the vehicle electrical consumption (load) at a specific time. Generally, when the engine runs at idle the battery discharges, and as the engine speed increases the battery is charged by the alternator. image
Car Alternator
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Steering Wheel Shakes When Braking

If the steering wheel shakes when braking there are two possible reasons, first is a warped front disc and the second is a loose or worn out front wheel bearing. both will creates shaking especially when the brake pedal is depress. The shaking of the steering wheel is so extreme and can easily felt by the driver.