Ford Ecosport 1.5 Petrol Review

Today I had the opportunity to drive a Ford Ecosport 1.5 Petrol and this is my review for Titanium version which is top of the line of the...

8 Ways to Ensure your Car Lasts a Lifetime

As modern cars get more and more sophisticated, each equipped with tons of wiring and state-of-the-art computers, maintenance is becoming less dependent on the driver and more so on sensors and algorithms. If your car is exhibiting symptoms of larger issues, you’re more than likely going to have to take it to an authorized service center, but there are still a few things you can do to make sure your car’s life is not cut short while simultaneously increasing the time between each service or breakdown. Here are the top eight things to consider to keep your car on the road for decades to come.

Used Cars: Are They All They're Cracked Up To Be?

For many people, the expense of buying a brand new car is just too high to justify the purchase. As a result, the second-hand market is the place to go to get the wheels of your dreams. Sure, it’s not brand new, but does it really need to be with so many cars now on the market that’ll go 100,000 miles plus?

Here are some of the best second-hand cars out there for people who want quality at a low price.

Turning A Demon Into An Angel – Car Handling Tips

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Every driver knows some cars feel like they have a demon under the bonnet. For all their power, though, they have a significant pitfall. The pitfall is they are hard to handle. When push comes to shove, it feels like the car is pushing itself around the corner instead of gliding. A car that handles poorly can give a driver a lot of grief, not to mention put their safety at risk. To get rid of the demon in the bonnet, take a look at this advice.

Grinding Sound When Shifting Reverse

During shifting into a reverse gear a grinding sound is heard coming from the transmission.

Transmission Troubleshooting
When shifting into gear the transmission is disconnected from the engine upon stepping on the clutch pedal. The same with shifting into reverse gear. Now, during shifting if the clutch is not fully release when the clutch pedal is depress the gears inside the transmission will clash this clashing of gears produce grinding sound. However, not all grinding sound that is heard during shifting is because of nit fully depress clutch pedal, there may be other cause of grinding sound that because of the complexity of transmission it can only be determined through a thorough inspection by a qualified professionals.

Car Pull Heavily to One Side While Driving

Car trouble symptoms: While driving the car pulls heavily to one side either to left or to the right.

Car problem diagnosis: When a car pulls heavily to either left or right while you are driving, is an indication of three possible problems, a mismatch front tire pressure, an out of alignment wheels or a dragging front brake.

Start the diagnosis by checking the air pressure on both the front tire, get a tire pressure gauge and check the tire pressure, the tire pressure must be the same as the recommended inflation pressure by the car manufacturer. The recommended inflation pressure can found on the car owners manual or the sticker adhere on the driver side door. The inflation pressure of both the front tire must be the same, if not then this causes car pulling.