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Nissan Navara Oil Low Light Reset

Nissan Navara D40

Do you know what is that wrench symbol that sometimes appears on the instrument panel of your Navara D40? well, one of the special features of the Navara is the Nissan Navara oil low light. All Navara is equipped with engine oil low light and oil change schedule indicator light usually, Nissan dealer performs the Nissan Navara Oil Low Light reset. On the instrument panel of the vehicle, there is a service spanner symbol that appears on the instrument panel, the Nissan Navara oil light is flashing to remind the driver that the vehicle is due for servicing.

Nissan Navara Oil Change Interval
Warm up the engine, drive the Navara on level ground, and check for oil leakage from engine components. When checking for the engine oil leakage, do the inspection around each part such as the oil pan. Learn more >>>  Nissan Navara Oil Change Interval

Nissan Navara Oil Low Light Reset

Nissan Navara D40

Nissan Navara D40

The Nissan Navara oil low light is noticeable after the ignition switch is turned on. There are a wrench symbol and a distance (to which the oil change is necessary) that will appear on the instrument panel for approximately 5 seconds. After that, the oil level information will be displayed.

Oil Good is displayed when the oil inside the engine is enough for driving.
Oil Lo is displayed when the engine oil level is low and not enough for driving.
If the oil lo appears, top up the engine with oil.

How will you know the level of engine oil?
To determine the level of the engine oil, push the reset knob while the Oil Good message is displayed, the oil level will be displayed raging level 5 to level 1.

If the distance displayed for the oil change is exceeded, a negative sign will appear just before the displayed distance and the wrench symbol will blink continuously to draw the attention of the driver, which means an oil change is necessary.

Oil Light Flashing When Driving
Oil light flashing when driving, a result of low oil pressure, the reason is low engine oil, using wrong viscosity engine oil, partly clogged oil pan. Read more » Oil Light Flashing When Driving

How to Reset the Service Interval on a Nissan Navara 2.5?
To perform Nissan Navara oil low light reset just follow the procedure:

Step 1. Press the trip odometer/ reset knob for more than 3 seconds while the wrench symbol and the distance are displayed. The wrench symbol or the oil light will start flashing and the current service interval will start to show.

Nissan Navara D40

Step 2. Press the reset knob again to increase the interval distance of the oil change. The interval distance can be increased by 500km as the system default. The maximum interval distance shown for an oil change is 30,000 km and the minimum interval distance is 0. But if you choose the Zero interval distance, the change oil schedule function will be disabled and a wrench symbol and distance will not be shown every time the ignition is turned on.

How to activate an oil change schedule?
It is possible to adjust the interval distance to oil change by pressing the trip odometer/trip computer reset knob for more than 3 seconds while the wrench symbol and distance to oil change information are displayed. The symbol and distance display will start flashing and the display will show the current interval. Rotate the reset knob counterclockwise to decrease the interval distance or clockwise to increase the interval distance. Each step decreases/increases the interval distance by 1,000 km (500 miles).

If no further action is taken, the display returns to odometer information and the new interval is set. The maximum interval distance setting is 40,000 km (25,000 miles) and the minimum interval distance is 0. If 0 is selected, the engine oil change schedule function is disabled, in which case there will be no wrench symbol or distance shown when the ignition is turned to the ON position. To return to the oil change schedule setup mode, press the trip odometer/trip computer reset knob for approximately 3 seconds during the first 5 seconds after having turned the ignition switch to the ON position. Then proceed as described earlier.

The oil level should be checked regularly. Operating with an insufficient amount of oil can damage the engine and such damage is not covered by the warranty. NISSAN recommends checking the oil level every 5,000 km (3,000 miles).

Nissan Navara D40 Maintenance Guide
Nissan Navara maintenance guide. Basic maintenance guide from workshop manual and mechanic previous experiences. Read more » Nissan Navara D40 Maintenance Guide

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