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On this page, you will find a guide for troubleshooting transmission common problems. The troubleshooting guide indicated on this page is just the basic guide from mechanic previous experiences. Scroll down below to look at different troubleshooting information about transmission.

Transmission Slipping Out of Gear
Transmission is slipping out of high gear because of excessive input shaft movement or faulty shift linkage.

Grating Noise When Clutch Pedal is Depress
When the clutch pedal is depressed there is a great that ing noise occurs possibly because of a faulty throw out bearing.

Transmission Jump Out of 3rd Gear
Transmissions that jump out the 3rd gear is an indication of a problem of faulty shift linkage or excessive input shaft movement

Transmission Jump Out of 2nd Gear
When the transmission jumps out of second gear it indicates a possible problem of loose shifter fork or out of adjustments shift linkage.
On Higher, Gear Manual Transmission Pops Out
Manual transmission is a complex part when this kind of problem occurs the possible cause is the problem on shift linkage or something called the input shaft.

Whining Noise from Automatic Transmission
When whining noise from the automatic transmission is produce this is an indication of serious transmission problems occurring inside.

Clunk Noise When Accelerator Pedal is Release
When the accelerator is released while driving, the stress on the transmission is reduced.

Car Gears Grinding Sound on Shifting
Car gears grinding sound when shifting in all gear positions means that there is a problem involving a meshing of your car gears.

How to Prevent a Transmission Breakdown in Your Car
Your car’s transmission system needs to be looking after and treated properly if you want to avoid a breakdown. It’s the transmission that keeps everything moving and operational, so it’s an important thing to think about. Here’s how you can prevent a transmission breakdown in your car.



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