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Transmission Problem Symptoms

Transmission problems

On this page of Cartechhome, you will find transmission problems and their symptoms. The troubleshooting guide indicated on this page is the basic guide from mechanic previous experiences. Scroll down below to look at different transmission problems and transmission problems symptoms

Car Gears Grinding Sound on Shifting

Car gears grinding sound when shifting in all gear position means that there is a problem involving a meshing of your car gears, when this happens the first thing we look into is the clutch, the possible reason is that the clutch does not fully release since this was encountered not only on first gear but on all gear position. 

Car Shakes While Clutch Pedal is Release

Engine/transmission bolts are the one that keeps the engine and the transmission to become stable while connected with each other when one of the bolts is lost the transmission will vibrate, the vibration is enough to be noticeable and cause the entire car to shake while the clutch engages from a stop.  

Clunk Noise When Shifting Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission must have enough automatic transmission fluid to operate properly if the fluid is not correct then this can cause a problem. However, if the fluid level is correct, this kind of problem can cause by a problem of a loose part. 

Automatic Transmission Computer Controlled Upshifts Problem

Check the automatic transmission fluid to make sure that it is on the normal level if not then this is causing the problem. A/T works on flows of hydraulic pressure, if the fluid level is not normal then a problem like this can be encountered.  

Clunk Noise When Accelerator Pedal is Release

Clunk noise when the accelerator is released while driving happens because when the accelerator has released the stress on the transmission is reduced and if there is a part that is not secure such as the driveline joint, a clunk noise will occur while driving. When the driveline joint goes bad, it will create noise. 

Gear Selector Linkage Not Working for Automatic Transmission

When the automatic transmission gear selector won’t hold, two possible reasons can cause this kind of problem, it’s either the linkage is out of adjustments or the parking lock pawl could be bad. When the linkage that connects the gear selector to the transmission internal components is out of adjustment, actually the automatic transmission is not in “P” position thus the car will not hold. 

Automatic Transmission Whine Noise

Automatic transmission whine noise is an indication of a serious transmission problem occurring from inside. Most transmission noise problems are due to a very low A/T fluid inside the transmission. However, when the automatic transmission fluid is within the normal level, then expect a very serious problem that causes growling noise such as damaged or worn out transmission components. 

On Higher, Gear Manual Transmission Pops Out

Manual transmission is a complex part, when this kind of problem occurs the possible cause is the problem on shift linkage or something called the input shaft. If this part is faulty it can cause the transmission to pops out of higher gear. The shift linkage and the degree of the input shaft movement have a lot to do with the transmission staying in gear.  

Transmission Jump Out of 2nd Gear

When the transmission jumps out of second gear it indicates a possible problem of loose shifter fork or out of adjustments shift linkage. Because of the complexity of manual transmission, it is very difficult to explain to non-mechanic why either a problem with the shift linkage or something called a shifter fork can cause the transmission to jump out of second gear. 

Grating Noise When Clutch Pedal is Press

Grating noise when depressing the clutch pedal is usually caused by a faulty throwout bearing. Throwout bearing is a component that presses against the clutch pressure plate by a clutch linkage while depressing the clutch pedal. 

Gears Slipping Inside a Transmission

Transmission slipping out of gear can cause by several reasons and it will depend on what particular gear the transmission slips out, if the transmission slips out particularly on high gear this is usually caused by a faulty shift linkage or it can be caused by input shaft movement that is excessive.  

Car Makes Whining Noise When Accelerating

Whining noise in most cases is caused by friction between the transmission components, a gear or a bearing may have incorrect contact with each other. This will happen when these components have worn out or damaged.  

What does it mean when your car makes a whining noise?

Whining noise occurs while you drive the car. Automatic transmission whining noise is an indication of a serious problem with the transmission. Sometimes the whining noise is a result of a low ATF, but what if the transmission has sufficient automatic transmission fluid? 

Why Does My Car Make a Grinding Noise When I Shift Gears?

A synchronizer is a device inside a transmission making the rotating shafts and gears together at the same speed for smooth shifting. When the synchronizer is faulty it will result in a grinding noise when shifting and may also lead to not shifting at all. 

Why Does My Clutch Pedal Vibrate?

Why does my clutch pedal vibrate? when driving a manual transmission to shift a gear, the clutch pedal must be press, if the clutch pedal vibrates when the pedal is press then it's not normal. 

How to Prevent a Transmission Breakdown in Your Car

Your car’s transmission system needs to be looking after and treated properly if you want to avoid a breakdown. It’s the transmission that keeps everything moving and operational, so it’s an important thing to think about. Here’s how you can prevent a transmission breakdown in your car. 

Transmission Jump Out of 1st Gear

When the transmission jumps out of the first gear it indicates a possible problem with the shift linkage. Manual transmission is a very complex part of your car which is why it is very difficult to explain to non-mechanic why the shift linkage can cause the transmission to jumps out of gear. The shift linkage has something to do with why the transmission stayed in gear. If the shift linkage is out of adjustment it can cause the transmission to jump out of gear. 

Manual Transmission Hard to Shift into First Gear

When you step on the clutch pedal, the clutch linkage is supposed to disengage the clutch so you'll be able t,o shift into gear. Specifically, the clutch linkage causes the clutch disc to pull away from something called the flywheel (i.e. the two parts become disconnected). If the clutch linkage is just somewhat out of adjustment, grinding usually results when shifting into first gear but most likely you're still able to get the vehicle into first. 

Car Makes Grinding Noise in Reverse

When shifting into gear the transmission is disconnected from the engine upon stepping on the clutch pedal. The same with shifting into reverse gear. Now, during shifting, if the clutch is not fully released when the clutch pedal is depressed the gears inside the transmission will clash this clashing of gears produce a grinding sound. 

Clunking Noise When Shifting Gears

When noise is heard while shifting into two or more gears occurs this only indicates a problem inside the transmission assembly. Usually, this is an indication of a problem involving parts that are rotating, with that said the possible problem is the input shaft bearings or the main shaft bearings since this is the only part that rotates at all times. 

Manual Transmission Pops Out of 3rd Gear

Transmissions that jump out of the 3rd gear are an indication of a problem of faulty shift linkage or excessive input shaft movement. It is very difficult to understand if you are not a mechanic why the faulty shift linkage or excessive input shaft movement can cause the transmission to jump out of 3rd gear because of the complexity of manual transmissions.  

Why Engine Races or Poor Response When Releasing Clutch Pedal

As the clutch pedal is being released, the problem of poor response in conjunction with a racing engine is a standard sign of a slipping clutch. In other words, the clutch isn't grabbing well, and therefore the power from the engine isn't transferred to the transmission well. 

Why Gear Pops Out of Reverse While Backing Up

Both the shift linkage and spring tension on the shift rail have a lot to do with the transmission staying in reverse gear. Therefore, when the linkage is faulty (i.e. worn or just out of adjustment) or the shift rail spring tension is weak, the transmission can pop out of gear. 

Squealing Noise when Clutch Pressed

While releasing the clutch pedal, the clutch linkage pulls something called a throughout bearing away from the pressure plate. The pressure plate is then able to press against the clutch disc causing the clutch to become engaged. Now, as the throughout bearing is being pulled away from the pressure plate, it is rotating. 

Why Would a Manual Transmission Pop Out of Gear?

Why would a manual transmission pop out of gear? Well, while you are driving if the transmission pops out of gear even when you are not stepping on the clutch pedal. It only means that there is a problem with the transmission. 

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