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White Smoke Coming from Exhaust

Exhaust of Car

If there is white smoke comes out from exhaust while the engine was running at any engine temperature like when its cold, warm or hot then it means that there is a problem with the engine.

White Smoke from Exhaust on startup

If there is white smoke coming from the exhaust when starting when we say "when starting" we mean just after starting the engine. If this is the case it is normal, white smoke will eventually disappear after the engine temperature is reached.

However if the white smoke comes out of the exhaust of your car even when the engine reaches the normal operating temperature, this can be an indication that the head gasket was damaged.

We all know that the engine has water on the block that serves as a water jacket to cools down the engine, now to keep the water from entering into the engine cylinder head head gasket seal it off. If the same gasket is damaged some of the water from the block will flow into the cylinder head and will become steam, the steam is the white smoke that you see what comes out of the exhaust.

The possible reason for white smoke coming from the exhaust

Damaged head gasket

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What to do?
To fix the problem you will need to replace the damaged gasket. The best thing to do is to bring the car to the repair shop, explain to the mechanic about your diagnosis, asks the mechanic to replace the damaged gasket.

When purchasing for replacement parts, shop around for the best price, you can buy a replacement part in an auto parts store or have it buy online at Amazon auto parts & accessories to get the best price as well as you can be guaranteed that you get the exact parts for your model.

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