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Engine Problems Symptoms

Engine problems symptoms

On this page of all about auto, you will find a car troubleshooting guide for common car engine problems both for diesel and gasoline engines. The engine problem on this page is based on the technician experience, this will only serve as a guide and will not guarantee to solve your engine problem, please feel free to read out the article below.

Car Engine Problems Troubleshooting

What causes a car to sputter and idle rough

There are many possible reasons that cause the engine to run rough and may result in engine misfiring but the most common.

Why does my car make a high pitched noise?

The drive belt is the one that drives power to the engine accessories, when the belt is worn out or damage high pitched engine noise is easily be heard especially the driver.

What does it mean when your car cranks but won't start

There is a simple test that can be done to determine if this is a battery-related problem or not.

Why does my car make a ticking sound?

If the car makes ticking sound it means the engine is not fully lubricated. It either the engine lacks oil or low oil pressure.

Why does my car make a ticking sound?

If the car makes ticking sound it means the engine is not fully lubricated. It either the engine lacks oil or low oil pressure.

Why does blue smoke coming out the exhaust

Blue smoke that coming out the exhaust means only one thing, the engine is burning oil inside the chamber. Now, why is the engine burning oil?

Car Shakes When Idle

If the car shakes when idle the reasons are that one of the cylinders is misfiring. For the normal engine to run smoothly the engine cylinder must fire properly, the firing of each cylinder must be in the correct sequence.

Engine Misfiring Effect on Car

When there is engine misfiring on one or more cylinders the engine balance will be thrown off. When this happens each cylinder inside the engine is not firing correctly and this can cause the engine not to run smoothly.

Black Exhaust Smoke from Exhaust of Car

Black smoke from the exhaust of car comes out while you are driving indicates that the car air fuel/ratio is too rich when a car air/fuel ratio is too rich, more gas is being burned from a car's engine combustion chambers.

Engine Ticking Sound

Check the engine oil level to determine if the engine has lacking oil. If the engine oil is low then this causes the ticking sound. Just add enough amount of oil to correct the problem.

Car Stalls When Engine is Hot

When the car stall if the engine is abnormally hot, this often cause by a vapor lock occurred on the engine. Vapor lock happens when a gas going to the engine starts to boil before it reaches the combustion chambers.

Car Jerks When Accelerating

When the car jerks during acceleration occur when the temperature is cold or the engine is cold, this only indicates a problem on the distributor cap. Moisture is formed inside the distributor cap during the night when the weather is cold or when it’s raining.

Oldsmobile Cutlass Stalls While Idling

For Oldsmobile Cutlass stalling during idle with fuel injection engine is either caused by a bad idle air bypass valve, a bad cold start valve or a bad fuel pressure regulator. To establish which one is the possibilities try to do the following car diagnostics.

Engine Suddenly Losses Power

For the carburetor engine, this problem occurs when there is a failure on one of the components of the ignition system or sudden failure of the carburetor.

Engine Runs Rough at Idle

The real problem here is that, why the car engine misfire? Engine misfiring can cause by a lot of factors and it is very difficult to test. However, there are only two common reasons that usually causing the problem, first is a vacuum leak and the second is a bad spark plug or spark plug wires.

Troubleshoot Car Exhaust Smoke

Different smoke comes out from the tailpipe. However, you can tell if there is a problem with your car by noticing what smoke comes out the exhaust.

Why does blue smoke come out of the exhaust?

When there is blue smoke coming out the exhaust it means that the engine is burning oil. Now, what causes the engine to burn oil? Rings on the engine prevent the oil from entering into the engine combustion chamber when the rings are bad oil starts to enter the combustion chamber and burns that is why there is blue smoke that comes out the exhaust.

White Smoke from Exhaust of Car

When you notice a white smoke comes out the exhaust of your car even when the engine temperature is cold, warm or hot, this can be an indication of a damaged head gasket.

Car Engine Backfire When Decelerating

When a car backfires during deceleration it only indicates that there is a possible problem on the emission control device which is known as the air injection system.

Too Much Car Engine Idle Vibration

A car engine vibrates excessively while idle it indicates the problem that is related to engine firing. Car engine cylinders need to fire in the correct order so that the car engine will run smoothly.

What Does It Mean When Your Car Jerks

Constantly jerking of the car during acceleration is a cause of a bad throttle position sensor, as you can see fuel-injected engines have throttle position sensors.

Engine Pinging Sounds on High Altitude Roads

When a car engine is pinging this indicates that there is a pre-ignition inside your car combustion chamber

Car Losses Power Going Uphill

When a car engine is weak in power this only means the engine is low in compression, this is noticeable, especially when driving uphill because the engine is under a lot more stress on this condition.

Temperature gauge that reads high has four reasons why it happens, the lack of engine coolant, collapse radiator hose, faulty water pump or thermostat.

Car Engine Runs Rough on Idling

When your car engine runs rough while on idle it means that there is a misfiring of one or more cylinders. As you can see when a cylinder misfires it will disrupt the engine's natural balance.

Car Stalls When Accelerating

Car stalls when accelerating is caused by the following reasons, when car stalls during cold rainy mornings with a cold engine, the problem is moisture on a distributor cap.

How to Check Oil in the Car

New car owners often ask how to check the engine oil level in their car? Well, to check the oil in the car just follow what is indicated on the car user manual. It is a must to regularly check the oil level in the car especially every time before the car is used. 

What Does Engine Power Reduced Mean

What does engine power reduced mean? If your car with high mileage gradually reduced engine power while driving on any road conditions, but the car top speed remains the same as it was, then there is a problem.

Car Turns Over But won't Start

The car turns over but won't start. The car is cranking slowly however, it will not start. If the car is turning over slowly and will not start the possible reason is the battery.

Car Start but Engine Initially Backfire

The car starts but initially backfires after starting. When a car backfires shortly after starting and usually occurs on the wet condition, then this is a sign of the problem of moisture inside the distributor cap.

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