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Effect of Engine Misfiring on Car

What is the effect of engine misfiring on car?when there is engine misfiring on one or more cylinders the engine balance will be thrown off. When this happens each cylinder inside the engine is not firing correctly and this can cause the engine not to run smoothly.

An engine with cylinder that is not firing correctly creates excessive engine vibration that when become extreme can also cause the shaking on the entire car. Several reasons can cause the engine to misfire, however the most common reason based on the car shop experience is a bad spark plugs or bad spark plug wires, also a worn distributor cap is likely to cause such problem of engine misfiring. If any of the reasons mentioned above happens on the car, it can affect the air/fuel mixture inside the engine cylinder.Another cause of engine misfiring but is rare to happen is a burned valve. As you may not know, an engine with burned valve can cause the affected cylinder improper engine compression which can be resulted to an engine misfiring.

When your car suffers engine misfiring, the first thing to do to fix the problem is to replace the spark plug and the spark plug wires, usually just by replacing those parts will solve the problem. However, if engine misfiring continues to happen the next thing to do is to replace the distributor cap. You can find those parts available at any auto shop.

When you follow the recommended car maintenance schedule by your car dealer then you can avoid this kind of problem to occur because maintenance tune up covers those three items when you subject your car for maintenance. You can also find the routine schedule of maintenance on your car owner’s manual or warranty booklet so can have an idea on when to bring the car to hop for maintenance.

If the problem still exist then no other option but to check the valve, the possibility is that the car has burned out valve and you have to bring the car to shop for the mechanic to inspect the valve then repair if necessary. It should fix the engine misfiring since it’s the last option you have.

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