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Excessive Engine Vibration while Idling

If the car suffer from an excessive engine vibration while idling then the car is suffering from an engine misfiring. 

Some may not be aware that in order for an engine to run smoothly each of the car engines cylinder must fire properly in a correct order, but if one or more of the engine cylinders is misfiring it affects the engine balance which will result to excessive engine vibration while idling which also cause the entire car to shake.
Usually the most common reason why a car engine misfire is a worn distributor cap or have something to do with the spark plug or spark plug wire, however there may be other possibilities such as burned valves that creates improper compression thus resulting also to engine misfiring.
Now, how to correct this kind of problem, since the most common cause of this problem is stated above, start first by replacing the spark plugs and the spark plug wires, then check if the problem still exist, if for instance the problem still occurs, proceed with the replacement of the distributor cap, it would be better to bring the vehicle to a shop and have it be subject to maintenance tune-up.


Anonymous said...

after changing the spark plug wires my car still shaking and making a noise when is park why is this happen?

A2V said...

Hi, have you check the distributor cap? it is also a possible cause.

Anonymous said...

I was driving my 97 C280 Benz and after accelerating hard my check engine light turned on,since then everytime i get into a low gear such as first or second my car begins 2 vibrate very noticeably what would that be and what should i look at first to begin to solve the problem?