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Car Brakes

Car Brakes

On this page of all about auto, you will find car brakes repair troubleshooting and diagnosis. The troubleshooting guide indicated on this page is just the basic guide from mechanic previous experiences. Scroll down below to look at different troubleshooting information about car brakes.

What does it mean When the Brakes are Hit and the Steering Shakes?

What does it mean when you hit the brakes and your steering shakes? Well, obviously since the steering wheel shakes when the brake is hit then it is an indication of the problem on the car front end specifically the front brakes. 

Low Brake Fluid Makes the Brake Light Comes On and Off

If the brake warning lights come on and off while driving, the possible reason is that that the car has low brake fluid. Because there is a sensor located on the top of the fluid reservoir that causes the brake warning light to go on when the brake fluid low or the level is below the minimum. 

Steering Wheel Shakes When Braking

If you run into a problem of steering wheel shakes when braking there are two possible reasons, first is a warped front disc and the second is a loose or worn out front wheel bearing. Both create shaking on the steering wheel especially when the brake pedal is depressed. The shaking of the steering wheel is so extreme that it can easily be felt by the driver. 

Sticking Brake Caliper Symptoms

First, you should know if the brake which is not releasing (i.e. "dragging", as they say) is a front brake or rear brake. Undoubtedly, if you are already fairly sure which of the four brakes it is which is dragging. However, unless you're 100% sure, you may want to do the following quick test. 

Hard Brake Pedal Manual Brakes

Car's has power brakes and their purpose is to make braking easier. When something is wrong with the power brake unit, it requires a lot more effort on the driver's part to stop the car. Most cars are equipped with vacuum-assisted power brake units. This type uses vacuum from the engine to help in applying the brakes. 

Are Squealing Brakes Dangerous?

No, squealing brakes are not dangerous but it does not mean that it can be neglected either when you heard squealing on the brakes. Squealing noise from car brakes consists of two reasons, one is the brake pads are low and is needed to be replaced. Second is the brake pads is vibrating at a very high frequency. 

Brand New Brake Caliper Sticking

If the brake pedal is binding, an incomplete retraction of the brake pedal is causing brake drag. As indicated, the brake pedal is binding (i.e. it's not fully retracting). So basically, the brake pedal is always "down" somewhat and hence, the brakes are always applied or "on" somewhat. 

Brake Pedal Vibrates While Applying Brakes

if the brake pedal vibrates not only during very heavy braking but there is also vibration coming from mainly the front end then misalignment between front pads and discs is causing the problem. OK, very briefly, the front end and front brakes are sort of "tied" together. Since the front end vibrates while braking, the problem must have something to do with the front brakes, right? 

How to Fix Spongy Brake

When you step on the brake, the pedal feels spongy or if you feel a soft spongy brake it means there is a problem with your brake. Do you know what can cause a soft spongy brake pedal? A soft spongy brake pedal is a brake pedal which when the brake pedal is depressed it feels soft like a sponge. 

Why Brakes Make Squeak Sound When Braking

When you step down on the brake pedal brakes making noise when stopping, if the brake pedal is fairly low then the brake pad wear sensor is the one making a squealing noise. The brakes squeak when stopping slow. As indicated above, the brake pedal is low and since the brake pedal is low this generally means the pads are low. 

Mesothelioma Asbestos in Brakes Exposure and Risk of Disease

Asbestos has been used in the manufacturing of brake pads and linings, clutch facings, and gaskets for decades. Many people assume that asbestos has been completely banned from use, but many of these products are still used on vehicles today. 

Reasons Why Brake Pedal Goes to Floor

When the brake pedal is press and you notice that it goes down further than normal and the car seems longer to stop when applying the brake, there are two possible reasons that causing this kind of problem. It's either the car has low brake fluid or the brake shoe is worn out. 

Car Shakes When Braking

Do you encounter the problem wherein your entire car is shaking especially during braking when the brake pedal is depressed? The shaking is so extreme that it felt like the car will break loose. Well, the most common reason is the problem on the rear brake specifically the alignment between the brake shoe and the brake drum. Most often whenever your car shakes while braking the following is wrong with the rear brakes.

Symptoms of Low Brake Fluid

What are the signs of low brake fluid? Well, if the brake light indicator is flickering especially while you drive on a bumpy road then it is possible that the brake fluid is low. Signs of Low Brake Fluid The signs of low brake fluid are the yellow low brake fluid dashboard warning lights symbol with exclamation character inside a circle when the ignition key is turn on this low brake fluid light will be lit. 

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