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Suspension Problem Troubleshooting and Tips

Suspension troubleshooting

On this page of all about auto, you will find a car troubleshooting guide for common suspension problems. The suspension problem on this page is based on the technician's experience, this will only serve as a guide and will not guarantee to solve your suspension problem, please feel free to read out the suspension problem-related article below.

Car Vibrates at Certain Speeds

When a car vibrates at a certain speed it is because the wheels are not evenly rotating when the car has driven the wheels are already vibrating and when the car reaches a certain speed

Clicking Noise at Front End on Turning

This kind of problem can always be pointed out to a CV joint. However, if your car is a rear-wheel-drive then that’s a different story because the rear wheel doesn’t have a CV joint. So, it is necessary to determine whether your car is a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive.

Out of Balance Wheel or Out of Round Tire

Your car will vibrate at a certain speed. When the steering wheel vibrates most likely the problem involves the front tire, however, if the rear tire has problems, the vibration can also be felt on the car body.

Why Replace Shocks and Struts

If your car encounters front-end dives when applying the brakes then it means the front shocks or front strut is faulty.

Why Is Your Car Ride Very Bouncy or Mushy

Before explaining this, we'll need some background info on suspensions. A suspension system has two key components - shocks and springs.

Car Pulls to the Right or Left When Braking

When the car pulls to the right when braking, this problem points to something involving the front tires, front end, or front brakes.

Rattling Noise Under Car When Going Over Bumps

When there is rattling noise under the car when going over bumps the most common cause of this problem is the following.

Car Pulls to One Side when Stepping On the Brakes

When the car pulls to the right when braking or either left this kind of problem usually involves your car's front end, front brakes, or front tires.

Why Is My Car Shaking While Driving?

Why is my car shaking while driving? This is just one of our customers' questions when they bring their car to the shop.

The Car Makes a Noise When Turning

The reason why the car makes noise when turning depends if your car is a front-wheel drive or a rear-wheel drive.

Car Front End Vibrates While Driving

The car's front end vibrates while driving, this problem can be observed especially when the car shakes at certain speeds.

Why Does My Car Make A Clicking Sound When I Turn?

Why does my car make a clicking sound when I turn? Well, when there is a clicking sound when the car turns there are two reasons that cause the problem

Front End of the Car Vibrates at a Certain Speed

When driving at a certain speed, for example, more or less 60 KPH, it feels that the car's front end vibrates but no vibration on the rear end.

When Should You Check Your Tire Pressure?

Do you know when you should check your tire pressure? It is recommended that you should check your tire pressure monthly. Tire pressure must be checked regularly.

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