Battery Warning Light Comes On While Driving

The low battery warning light comes on steadily while driving this light can be noticed when you look at the car instrument panel. A battery warning light that comes on steadily indicates a serious problem, usually, it indicates a problem of a broken alternator belt or failed alternator.

Let's discuss first background information of the involved parts. An alternator is a belt driven parts that charge your car battery and provides electricity to the various accessories including the ignition while the engine is running. If the battery warning lights comes on usually the alternator does not function properly. Consequently, your car accessories and the ignition must draw power from the battery. With the above information, two possible causes of the problem are mentioned.

When the alternator belt is broken the alternator cannot generates any electricity since there is nothing that drives the alternator, this triggers the battery warning lights to come on. Same with when the alternator fails it cannot generate electricity thus the warning light will come on.

Possible Cause of Battery Warning Lights that Comes On

Broken alternator belt or failed alternator

How to Fix Battery TellTale that Comes On While Driving

If the engine conked out while the battery warning lights on dashboard are on, have the car towed to a reputable repair shop. If the engine does not conk out, the first thing to do is to open the hood and locate the alternator, when you found the alternator check the drive belt. If the drive belt is broken have the car towed to the nearest repair shop to replace the belt with a new one. However, if the belt is not broken or damages then probably the problem is the alternator, the alternator is failing and causes the battery warning light comes on steadily, bring the car to the nearest repair auto repair shop and check the alternator, replace is necessary.

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