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Wheels and Tires: Everything You Need to Know

Wheels and Tires

On this page of all about auto, you will find a car troubleshooting, repair, and diagnosis related to wheels and tires probem. The troubleshooting guide indicated on this page is just the basic guide from mechanic previous experiences. Scroll down below to look at different troubleshooting information about tires and wheels.

Out of Balance Wheel or Out of Round Tire

When vibration occurs in your car, the first thing to check is the tire imbalance depending on where the vibration is felt, body or steering vibration. Tire imbalance is when the tire is not evenly rotating when the car is driven, this will make the car vibrates 

How to Tell the Age of a Tire

Do you know how old is your tire? How long do car tires last? Is there any way to determine the expiration of the tire? how to tell the age of tire? Tire manufacturing date plays an important factor in knowing the tire expiration, whether the tire is still safe to use or not. 

Tires Making Screeching Noise

What causes screeching tires during regular driving, especially when cornering or when turning on a curve? screeching tires during cornering are caused by two reasons, first is an alignment problem and the second is improper tire pressure. 

How Often to Rotate Tires

Defective tires are very dangerous! If tires are damaged, excessively worn, or have improper pressure, do NOT continue the driving. While driving, pay close attention to the state of tires and regularly check for deformations (bulging) in the treads and tire sides. 

How to Change a Flat Tire

If you find that your car tire is flat, you should slowly drive the car to a flat place where the safe area to change the tire so as to prevent further damage to the tire and the rim. Also, put a warning triangle in a suitable place behind the vehicle, and turn on the emergency warning light. 

Choosing the Best Tire for My Car

Do you know what tires fit your car? Here are some of the basic guides when choosing the best tire for my car. Know the Number of tires required. Ideally, to avoid handling problems that may arise, all four of your vehicle tires must be identical, failure to do so will result in possible problems of making your vehicle difficult to control due to unmatched tires. 

What Causes Tires to Wear in the Middle?

What causes tires to wear in the middle? Simply, the tire is over-inflated. When the tire is over-inflated the tire bulges. If the tire bulges the tires ride mainly in the middle of the thread which resulted from wearing mainly in the middle. 

What Causes Tires To Wear On Inside Edge?

The inside edge of the tire has abnormal or unusual tire wear on the inside edge. The idea of "wheel alignment" essentially has to do with how straight the wheels are relative to the vehicle's frame. Mechanics use the term "camber" when they are talking about the tilt of a wheel. Specifically, a wheel has either 

Tire Wear Patterns and What they Mean

Before explaining this, we really need to first take a look at the notion of "wheel balance/imbalance". A wheel consists of a rim and tire. When rims and tires are manufactured, they're almost always somewhat flawed. For example, in the case of a tire, one portion of a tire's tread may be slightly thicker than a similar-sized portion of tread elsewhere on the tire. 

Tires Squealing When Turning

If the car tires are squealing when turning, this particular problem most often indicates that something is wrong with the wheel alignment. However, it can also be caused by one or more improperly inflated cars. 

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