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What Causes a Tire to Wear in the Middle?

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What causes a tire to wear in the middle? Simply, the tire is overinflated. When the tire is overinflated the tire bulges.

If the tire bulges the tires ride mainly on the middle of the thread which resulted from wearing mainly on the middle.

What causes a tire to wear in the middle

Over-inflated tire

What to do?
Using a tire pressure gauge measure the tire inflation pressure, compare the reading to the recommended inflation pressure from the car manufacturer. The recommended tire inflation pressure can be found on the sticker near the driver's side door or look at the car owner’s manual. There's a lot of tire pressure gauges available on the market like we are using the Accutire MS-4400B Pistol Grip Digital Tire Gauge.

People say that the tire pressure drops 0.1kgf/cm2 per month. This is because the air leaks through the rubber little by little. Thus, nowadays, nitrogen gas is used instead of air because the molecular nitrogen is larger than that of oxygen. And moreover, nitrogen has a lower temperature-pressure coefficiency compared to oxygen.

Check regularly that the inflated air pressure in each tire is within the specification. The tire air pressure of a tire is measured with an accurate air pressure gauge when the tire is cold. Measuring the air pressure of a hot tire will result in a higher than normal air pressure reading.

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How to Check Air Tire Pressure
How to check air tire pressure, the first thing to do is to remove the tire valve cap. Remove the tiny cap that is installed on the tire valve. Read more » How to Check Air Tire Pressure

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Let loose some air on the tire until the inflation pressure is equal to the correct pressure indicated on the manual as recommended by the car manufacturer. Maintaining your tire within the recommended pressure will keep the tire from uneven tire wear and will maximize the life of your tire.

Outside of Tire Wear
Tire wearing on the outside is a result of the alignment problem, specifically positive camber, the wheel is too tilted away from the vehicle. Read more » Outside of Tire Wear

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