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The Common Causes of Tires Making Screeching Noises

What causes screeching tires during regular driving, especially when cornering or when turning on a curve? screeching tires during cornering are caused by two reasons, first is an alignment problem and the second is improper tire pressure. When we say improper tire pressure it can either be under inflated or over inflate, with that said, lets check which of the two is causing screeching tires.

The Truth About Cars

The first thing to check is the tire pressure, when the air pressure of the tire is improper it has the tendency to slip especially when turning on a curve (driving on a corner of the road).

Using a tire pressure gauge measure the tire pressure on all four tires, compare the measurement to the manufacturer standard value for tire pressure, usually the standard tire pressure of your car can be seen on the sticker adhere near the drivers side door, or it can also be seen on the owner’s manual applicable for the car model. If the tire pressure is within the recommended tire pressure by the car manufacturer then the problem of improper tire pressure can be ruled out.

If the problem is not the tire pressure then it is obvious that the problem is about the alignment. When driving on the curve it is important that a correct steering angle or alignment is within the standard because if not, then the tire will slightly drag across the pavement and will result in screeching tires.

Possible cause of screeching tires
Alignment problem or Improper tire inflation pressure.

What to do to fix screeching tires?
Well, if the problem is the improper tire pressure then it is easy to fix, just make sure the tire inflation pressure is within the recommended value, add or release amount of air to conform with the car manufacturer standard.

But if the problem is the alignment then it means cost. Bring the car to a reputable shop or tire shop for alignment. Do not neglect alignment problem because the tire will wear faster than it used to. Some repair shop may told you that they cannot do an alignment without replacing some of the car front-end part if this is the case look for a second opinion before proceeding with the replacement to solve the screeching tires.

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