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Car Engine Backfire When Decelerating

Car Trouble Symptoms:

During deceleration or while the car is slowing down the engine backfires.

Car Problem Diagnosis:
Car that backfires during deceleration is an indication that there is a possible problem on the emission control device or commonly known as the air injection system. Usually the problem of air injection system is the result of a failing diverter. The function of the air injection system is to pumps fresh air into the exhaust manifold so that any unburned gasses will completely burned before it gets out the exhaust the tail pipe.

During deceleration the engine air/fuel mixture is rich that is why lots of unburned gasses goes out the exhaust manifold. If all of these unburned gasses are exposed to fresh air a mini explosion will happened. Now, the diverter valve is the one that diverts the fresh air away from the exhaust manifold when the car decelerate, now if the diverter valve is failing the engine will backfire.

Possible Cause of Engine Backfire When Decelerating
Problem with the air injection system
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What to do?
Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop then ask the mechanic to inspect air injection system to confirm the problem on the diverter valve. This is just a possible cause of the problem. There might be other cause of which can only be determined by actual inspection of the car. However before proceeding with the repair check first with another mechanic, a second opinion is better before deciding in any repair works.

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