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Car Shakes When Braking

Car Shakes When Braking

Do you encounter the problem wherein your entire car is shaking especially during braking when the brake pedal is depressed? The shaking is so extreme that it felt like the car will break loose. Well, the most common reason is the problem on the rear brake specifically the alignment between the brake shoe and the brake drum. Most often whenever your car shakes while braking the following is wrong with the rear brakes.

Reasons why car shakes when braking

1. Misalignment between the rear brake shoe and brake drum
2. Problem with the rear wheel bearing

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Usually, if the entire car shakes during braking the problem is always the rear brake. The entire car shakes happen because the brake shoe is not making even contact with the brake drum during brake application. Because of the uneven contact, vibrations are created, this vibration is so extreme which traveled to the suspension then makes the entire car shakes especially when braking

What is happening in the rear shoes and drums is not in even contact when braking (i.e. misaligned); this will result in vibration. The most likely cause of this misalignment is warped rear drums. However, it is possible the drums are OK but rather the rear wheel bearings are worn/loose. This would indirectly cause misalignment between the shoes and drums.

Rear Brake Shoe and Brake Drum

What causes misalignment?

Most of the time misalignment happens because of the warped rear brake drum, but sometimes the rear drum is not warped so the possibilities are that the rear wheel bearing is the problem. The rear-wheel bearing could be loose or worn-out if the bearing is lost or worn-out it will result in the misalignment between brake shoes and the brake drums.

Brakes Making Noise When Stopping
When you step down on brake pedal, if is it fairly low then the brake pad wear sensor is the one making a squealing noise. Most brake pads have something called a wear sensor - a thin piece of metal connected to the pad.
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How to fix a car that shakes when braking
You need to bring the car to the shop and tell the mechanic to check the rear brakes, ask him to check for any loose or worn-out bearings then replace if necessary.

Rear Wheel Bearing
Rear Wheel Bearing Image Credit
Now if the bearings are good, then the problem is the warpage of the rear drums if the problem is the warpage the rear drum is in need of machining to correct the warpage. After the machining of the rear drum, it is necessary to replace the brake shoe also so that it will make even contact with the newly machined rear drums.
AC Delco rear brake shoe

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