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Car Shakes When Braking

The entire car shakes when braking or when the brake pedal is depress. The shaking is so extreme in which both the driver and the passenger can be felt. The reason is that there is a problem on the rear brake. image
Rear Brake
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Troubleshooting car problems of car shakes when braking

Usually if the entire car shakes when braking the problem is always the rear brake. The entire car shakes occurs because of misalignment between the brake shoes and the brake drums. When there is misalignment the brake shoe and the brake drums will not have even contact with each other when the car brakes. This uneven contact creates vibrations which is enough to cause the entire car to shakes when braking.

What causes misalignment?

Most of the time misalignment happens because of warped rear drums. Other possibilities is that the drums are not warped but instead the rear wheel bearing is the problem. Rear wheel bearing may be loose or worn-out, if this is the case then the result is a misalignment between brake shoes and the brake drums.

Possible cause of car shakes when braking
Misaligned brake shoes and drums

How to fix a car that shakes when braking

You need to bring the car to the shop and tell the mechanic to check the rear brakes, ask him to check for any loose or worn-out bearings and replace if necessary.

Now if the bearings are good, then the problem is warpage of the rear drums, in this case it is necessary that the rear drums is to be machined to correct the warpage. After machining of rear drum replace also the brake shoe so that it will have even contact with the newly machined rear drums.

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