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Why are the brakes on my car grinding?

One customer asks us why are the brakes on my car grinding? Every time the brake pedal is depress there is grinding sound heard coming from the brake. Well, obviously it means that the brake pad worn out. 

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What causes grinding noise when braking?

If there is grinding noise during braking it means the brake pad worn excessively, it's already worn down the metal causing it to rub against the disc or the drum and creates grinding sound which can be heard coming from the brake, depending on whether the front or rear bake has been worn. Grinding sound can easily be noticed by the driver or passenger especially when the car is braking.

Possible cause of excessively worn brake pad

Excessively worn brake pad is cause by poor maintenance. Probably the brake has been neglected too long that’s why the pad is worn down to the metal.

How to fix excessively worn brake pad

Fixing an excessively worn brake pad can be expensive depending on the extent of the problem. You need a brake pad replacement first then have the disc or drum machined to make smoother the uneven surface caused by the grinding to have the new pad make an even contact with the disc or drum. If the damage is extreme, you’ll need to replace the disc or drum depending on where portion is affected -front or rear brake- with a new one to avoid a much bigger problem that may arise due to uneven disc or drum surface.

To prevent the pad to worn excessively, the first time you have notice the grinding sound bring the car to auto repair shop and have it check, also it would be helpful to have the car regularly check up by a mechanic depending on what is specified on the owner’s manual.

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